Whats Should I Do About Taglines? Just Do It

What’s a Facebook or an Amazon do?

For most small web businesses the Holy Grail of web presence is to have a recognisable Brand Name.  You know when you have successfully managed this as it is when people know what you do, how you do it and where to look for you.

taglines make big brands and big brands make success on websites

Think hard about the big brands out there in all fields, Amazon, Facebook, Nike, McDonalds, Ferrari are just a few good examples.  Without looking you instantly know what these companies do etc.  These are Brands.


building a brand name

The biggest brands are known all over the world

How To Become World Famous

Now this may get misleading as there is no way by just doing the following you will build the next Starbucks, but these are merely tricks that every brand uses regarding taglines, and you should too, after all, it wont do any harm :).

Taglines are just an accepted form of shameless self promotion, people expect to see taglines so why let them down when its the perfect opportunity to firm up first impressions of your website?

Your Doing It Wrong

The most common mistakes people/companies make when thinking up their taglines is assuming that a random visitor to a site knows already what their site is about.  Because the web designers and owners know what the site is about it is very easy to forget that to a total randomer their website could be about anything.  This is when taglines are most useful when used correctly.  A good example of a bad tagline would be http://www.trustamerica.com/ whose tagline is: “One on One, Just Like You”.  Now if you didn’t know what Trust America did, that tagline certainly wouldn’t clear the shroud of mystery.

Another key is trying not to sound too generic.  I have seen a tagline on a website which was ‘to protect and serve’ I remember it because it wasnt police or military focused and it made me laugh, sadly I can’t remember which site it was.  Maybe if they had a good tagline I would have been able to remember


web design taglines


Getting it Right

Taglines should be short and sweet.  Most importantly they should give a brief description of what you do or what you offer.  If whilst doing that and you can make it funny or clever then great, you have cracked it.  But don’t do it the other way around, don’t try to make it clever or funny whilst sacrificing clear content.

Every website started off with a tagline, including eBay and Amazon.  It was because of their success in getting everything right, Taglines, Web Design, Usability, accessibility that they have become the brands they are today.  Bear in mind this isn’t something that they did overnight, all of the big brands spent a long time and often a lot of money on getting it right.  But by striving for success and perfection there is no reason why this cannot be replicated.

taglines for epic web design

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