What Motivates You?

As I write this it is 08:25 in Florida, I am sat on a balcony overlooking a marina.  When I look to my right over the river I see ‘Millionaires Row’ where an empty plot of land will sell for between $7-10 Million.  The water is strewn with boats and Yachts most of which will of cost more than triple that amount.

To the left is Fort Lauderdale beach which has a car park in the distance which is full of nice cars and countless Harley Davidson Motorcycles.

Fort Lauderdale Marina

The funny thing is, I don’t fit in here and probably never will but here are examples of success.  Success can be measured in many different ways but when you see business people who have built they’re empire to such a degree, you know there is an interesting story behind it.

Of course you could buy yourself two islands if your ridiculously successful like a certain Mr Branson.

It is looking at these people who inspires and motivates me to succeed in whatever I do.  Some may call it shallow to be inspired by material objects and quality of life like that, but hey at least I am motivated.

Tell me, what motivates you?

GA, GE and GN


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  1. Andrew Roberts
    Andrew Roberts says:

    Actually, we all have different ways to motivate ourselves. But one thing is for sure, if we are motivated, we get to be successful in what we are doing. That is why motivation and inspiration are two of the things that should be innate with you.


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