Update – Summer 2012 – Dave Furness is back

Apologies for not posting on here in a while, I have my reasons which I will let you know about now and then hopefully with some renewed vitality I can get back to my old ways of blogging a little more regularly.

I have recently moved ‘day’ jobs from working for a leading consumer electronics e-commerce company to a new fashion start up e-commerce company.  This was a huge jump for myself personally as there is always a certain safety net when you know your working for a successful company, however there wasn’t the same challenge that existed there, that there once was.

I have always kept myself open to opportunities and believe it is about taking the right ones when the time is right.  It was a good friend of mine who had recommended me for the new role and that was it I was effectively head hunted with the promise of challenges and for me personally to prove that what I had been a part of with the incredible growth and esteem in the consumer electronics business was not just a fluke, and that I could do it again, in the equally competitive fashion world online.  Time will tell how I get on with this challenge, so far so good though 😉

Also I have been away for a few weeks taking in the sites of some great European cities, which I would love to write more about but I don’t think here is the right place, as I think keeping business and personal to some degree separate is the best practice, but that is also where some of my time will be going.

The good news for me though is the time away from the computer has given me so much to write about.  With this in mind I am going to give you a quick heads up about some posts that are coming your way in the next few weeks.

1. There has been certain rumours regarding an Amazon scheme floating around the web with many people saying that ‘It is too good to be true’ Well I will confirm that such a scheme does exist and provide some key information on that including what it is and what you need to be a part of it.

2. A book review, which I am currently half way through but it is that good I will be finished in no time (I only started reading it two days ago)  It is all about ‘Becoming the Expert’ and so far it has been fantastic, without giving too much away it is a must read for any marketer/blogger/entrepreneur.

3. Christmas is coming, is your e-commerce business ready?  I hate to say it so early but as is the case within e-commerce if your not ready by mid September you may not be in a position to maximise your potential over the busiest shopping period of the year.  I’ll be covering a few of the basics here and giving my thoughts on what the do’s and definitely do’s are for the run up.

So that’s where I’ve been and that’s ‘some’ of what is coming up.  There are plenty of other posts in the pipeline including ‘hopefully’ an interview with a new interesting start up business, as well as hopefully the eSellerPro customer convention which should be happening in the next couple of months.

Let the busyness commence…again

Best Wishes

Dave Furness

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