Update from Dave

So the blog has been quiet for the past month so figured to get it going again I should write a quick update on whats been going on and what is to come.  (Also need to play with the coding for the site again…updated theme and cant find where I put my back-up file…d’oh)

So for the past month I have been inundated with comments and e-mails from the dodgy iphone / ipod website the blog can be found here.  I have with the help of some other great people trying to make sure people got their money back from these scammers and luckily most from what I have heard have been successful.  This is still ongoing at the minute for some which is a shame so close to Christmas but hopefully it will all get sorted out soon.

I also went on a get fit again mission so back in the gym as well as a new hobby which is going well.  There may be a new blog / website about this soon.  Not sure how it could / would work yet but for Christmas I have asked for more hours in the day…so if I get that then we could be on to a winner.

So whats coming up soon then?  There are a few blogs i’m hoping to get posted in the next few weeks.  These will include looking at the eBuyer Cyber Monday fail, eBay Weekly Deals and a post looking at postage and packaging when selling on eBay.

So thats whats been going on and whats coming up, as always I look forward to any of your questions, comments or experiences etc.


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