Unthink – The Start Of A Social Revolution Or Nothing But A Dream?

What is Unthink?

I first stumbled upon this only on Wednesday and other than one mention on my twitter feed, I haven’t heard anything else about ‘Unthink’.  So I was intrigued and decided to do a little bit of digging to see what the story wasUnthink LogoWhat I found gave me something to really think about and I’ll tell you what that is.  But first you will need to know a little bit about Unthink.  From what I can gather, they are a new business with some very direct mission statements and visions to try to combat the collation of everyone’s data through the use of social networks, especially Facebook and the new Google+.  Here is an excerpt from the UnThink Technology site:

Vision: Anyone can be extraordinary! Anyone can bring the change they want to see in the world.

Mission: Unleash people’s extraordinary potential. Our –not so covert– mission is to carry out a user revolution sponsored by business-as-UNusual entrepreneurs that will change the world.

Manifesto: We’ve been waiting for things to change. We are not waiting anymore.”

How could it be different?

Google promised that Google+ would be different to Facebook, and as more and more people are joining and its growing in users, there have been definitely been a few moments where Facebook have had to play catch up. (acquiring Skype video call integration, similar to Google+ Hangouts)

Unthink however still have an issue with privacy and your data it would seem.  It is no longer a surprise or a secret anymore that whatever you share on Facebook, and Google then belongs to them and no longer you.  Not only that, but they know what you ‘Like or +’ and know where you are from or where you go thanks to ‘check in’ and other location services.

Here is a link to the Unthink website, there isn’t much on there at the minute other than a field for you to put your email in so they can invite you to ‘join’ whatever it is once it is ready. www.unthink.com

Also they have released a promotional video here:

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pxMqSdgB-uA]

Will It Work?

My question to you is a simple one, do you think, that finally this could be a true alternate social media platform, keeping you in charge of your data.  It has been a top-secret project for 3 years and it looks almost ready for launch.  Or is it just another pipe dream of a small business with a few ballsy entrepreneurs taking a chance against the big boys?

I’m a big fan of Social Media and Social Marketing, after all it’s part of my job, but i will be keeping a close eye on Unthink intrigued to see what ‘The Social Revolution’ could be.

Either way I want to hear your thoughts, could it be time to Unthink?

GA, GE and GN


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  1. Dave Furness
    Dave Furness says:

    Hey Matt

    I couldn’t agree more, it would get to a stage where people would spend more time telling people what they were doing rather than actually doing it.

    I’m intrigued to see what this ‘revolution’ could be, and if it is that revolutionary could it be a replacement insterad of an ‘aswell as’

    Watch this space I guess


  2. Mario Flores
    Mario Flores says:

    I was super excited when I first heard about Google+ and I just had to have an account. Now I hardly get on it anymore. Everything that it has seems to be similar to Facebook and I don’t need two sites that are the same. I heard about unthink today and I looked up the website and it seems so different so I requested an invitation. Hopefully it’s as cool as it seems.


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