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Some may have seen my earlier post regarding the Social Revolution that is Unthink but for those who haven’t you can find it here.  This will give you a bit more insight in to Unthink if you haven’t heard about it yet and what it is they are doing in the world of social networking.

Unthink LogoThe Latest

Since the last post Unthink have been very busy.  There website is now live and has some fantastic video content on there which not only shows what they are about and why they hate the giants (Facebook, Google+ etc) for mainly there policies regarding YOUR information.  They have so much video content on the site now that I couldn’t possibly link to all of it, but not only do they have the humorous advert style vids, they also have some great animated clips to get across where they are coming from which work perfectly.  The link is here to the Unthink main website, take a look around and watch some of their vids and you will see what Unthink are all about.

David Vs Goliath

Now some will criticize Unthink for being unrealistic in their goals.  They are trying to compete with the likes of Facebook and Google in the Social Media arena.  However in reality what they are offering is radically different.  With Unthink there main sell point is that the information and freedom is yours and will never be exploited as the Goliaths are doing and have done.  This has massive potential.  You will of had to be living in a cave to not have heard about the uproar last week when once again Facebook has messed with everyone’s News Feeds and changed the way once again where everyone looks for THEIR own information.  This has led to a dramatic fall in what I call the Facebook Approval Rating.  More and more people are looking for an alternative and a lot of people are turning to Google+ and discovering what they can do on there.

The problem with Google+ however is that they have similar policies regarding your information to Facebook.  It could only be a matter of time before Google use your information for there own good and become Facebook 2.

Unthink - Emancipate YourselfUnthink – Emancipate Yourself

To me, that is why Unthink offers such an interesting alternative.  What they are doing has never been done before and thanks to the foresight of the founders back in 2007, they predicted what was going to happen and since then have been developing Unthink to be the answer to a problem that they foretold.

On the Unthink homepage there is a field for you to enter your email address once they are able to welcome more users you will be sent your invitation.  They express that this is all that your email will be used for, no small print about 3rd parties needed here.  You can keep up to date with all the latest from Unthink by following them on Twitter too at @iUnthink

I have requested an invitation and look forward to hearing from Unthink.  As soon as I have access to the Social Revolution I will update you all with part 3 of the Unthink series on the blog.  But for now I recommend you take a look, watch the videos and ask yourself, are you ready to emancipate yourself?


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