UnderstandingE Update

Well where did that time go?

I was told just the other day that it had been a while since I had posted anything on this site, which is very true.

There is however a good reason for that.


For the past 6 months myself and Matthew Ogborne have been building a new business called UnderstandingE.  Which aims to bring multi-channel software to the masses by showing them:

1. Multi-Channel software doesn’t have to be restrictively expensive

2. How they can utilise the software to automate and innovate within there business.

If you want to find out more then please feel free to click on the UnderstandingE link above.

The reason for the silence here is quite simple really.  So much of my time is now spent creating content for UnderstandingE, not just recording the video tutorials for Magento & M2E Pro but also in writing the site content, blog posts and site pages etc.

A lot of the content that I would usually post here, now gets put as  a focus to the UnderstandingE blog.

Simply put, I do not currently have that much time to be able to update as much as I would like.  Hopefully this will change in the future but for now this is the way it has to be.

So if you want to find out some of the latest goings on not just for multi-channel, Magento or M2E Pro but most things eCommerce then do check out the UnderstandingE blog here: http://understandinge.com/blog/



P.S.  I will be at the Internet Retailing Expo this Year on Wednesday 26th March 2014.  Will I see you there?

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