The Reason for the Silence – Changing eCommerce

It’s been a while since I last wrote a blog post.  In the time since the last post I managed to sneak off to the USA and Canada for nearly 3 weeks and also took part in the Color Run in Manchester and managed to raise £260 for Cancer Research UK.  I know this is of little interest to most of you, but it does account for me being a little quieter on here than normal.

The second part of the reason is much more interesting, and will be of  interest to most of you.  Most of my time since coming back from Canada has been spent on building something that has never been done before.  What we have been working on is something that should be of interest to anyone who currently sells on eBay, Amazon their own website or multi channel in general, or those who don’t currently but are thinking about selling online.  You may have noticed that I used the term ‘WE’ which means that I am not working on this alone.  Myself and one of the top UK eCommerce Experts have been working together on this project and it’s a big one.

As it stands right now I cannot give away any more details, but I am 100% confident you will hear about it within the next month.

So apologies for the radio silence, but please bear with me, if you sell online then trust me it will be worth it.



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