The Fun Theory – How To Use It In Everyday Life

Whats Happened To Us?

It’s quite simple psychology we enjoy doing things that we enjoy… self-explanatory.  So what changed?  When we were all younger and at school they would teach us things through playing games and doing experiments.  Or your parents would disguise what would usually seem boring, as games or competitions and all of a sudden we would want to do them.

We simply grew up…and this is an excuse for most people to no longer have fun in what they do.  To some people the below would just be immature…

Having fun

But these guys I bet are having a great time 🙂

What Can Be Done?

Lets be honest, most people do not enjoy their jobs/careers or what they are doing in life.  It is seen as something they have to do until they can retire which allows them to live their lives.  I’m one of the lucky ones, I enjoy my job and I enjoy learning how to do my job better and new skills.  But what I believe is the key thing, is to have FUN.  If people enjoy what they are doing they are naturally better at it.  This applies to Sport and Hobbies so why can’t it apply to Work?

Now I know some people aren’t going to buy in to this (haters gonna hate) but let me try to show you what I mean.  A couple of years ago there was an initiative dedicated to ‘The Fun Theory’ which was sponsored by Volkswagen.  Just check out a couple of these video’s and see how fun can positively change behaviour.

The Piano Stairs (Turn Volume Up):

The Worlds Deepest Bin:

Bottle Bank Arcade:

What they have done here is turn everyday normal boring tasks…made them fun, and then calculated the increase in people doing that task.

Make Things Fun

In practice this isnt going to be simple for a lot of people, you may be restricted as to what you can do at work and how you can get away with it.  The key is getting inventive, start small.  Whether its competitions with work mates or games that keep you entertained.  (Seeing how many song titles you can fit into a telephone conversation amongst your colleagues, the one with the most wins….not like ive tried this obviously just incase the boss is reading … 🙂 )

The way I see it and I hope you will agree, is that if we enjoy doing something, we do it well and will want to keep doing it. (Sounds obvious I know)  This piece of information could be so key to many businesses if only they were able to trust their employees with this concept.  Please see the pictures below and see if you can guess where they are from.

coolest office evercoolest office evercoolest office everThis may look like some sort of hotel/health club and the last one a bit like a sci-fi fans bedroom.  Unless you have been there yourself you are probably way off with your guesses.  All the pics above are taken from YouTube Headquarters in San Bruno California.

Theory In Practice

At YouTube headquarters, the employees are able to have fun at work, they can go and do a workout, play mini golf or basketball etc whenever they feel like it.  All YouTube ask is for them to make sure they do their jobs in the time they are asked to.  Do you think YouTube have a high staff turnover?  Hell No.  If you don’t pull your weight then your out the door and trust me there is a long line of people waiting to work in a place like this.  This way, nothing is taken for granted and its the best environment for everyone.

I have had a short experience working for a company with this similar mentality one summer in between my years at Uni, and it was the most relaxed place I had worked, the key was the freedom and benefits that were given to the staff were not exploited, just enjoyed.  It was amazing to see so many people turning up to work early in the morning looking so genuinely happy to be there.  Surely this is how work should be, something you enjoy rather than something you hate but have to do.

The message is simple, try to make your work fun, and see what happens because of it.

***Sort Of Random Pic Alert*** (But there’s a message there somewhere)

Look how much fun these guys are having 😀

GA, GE and GN


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