The Brilliance of The iPhone Autocorrect (Top 10)

It’s Friday afternoon as I am writing this, the weather is ridiculously good for the last day of September and everyone has that Friday feeling.  Especially my best mate who we warmly welcome back to civvy street today after he has spent the last 8+ years defending queen and country, Welcome back matey.  Because of all these things, I felt a lighthearted amusing article was in order today,  and something that I am a victim of on a daily basis.  The brilliant iPhone Auto-Correct.

A quick introduction if your not familiar, the iPhone has an auto correct spell check like feature when writing messages and if your a bit quick typing you don’t always notice the change it has made.  This can bring fantastic results.

Below I have pasted some of the best Auto-corrects I have found, I hasten to add unfortunately none of them are mine personally, but I will try and capture some for future reference.  Likewise if you have any you would like to share, please post some links in the comments section below.



1.trampoline AC2.

swallow gum AC


strap on AC


4.smokers teeth AC


5.mystic farts AC beads AC


7.jews bag AC


8.homeless AC


gelato felatio AC clit AC

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