Seeing is Believing…or Bloody Repulsive

Keep It Simple

So once you have your layout sorted and you have people coming to your wonderful easy to read website.  The next thing you have to worry about mainly is colours and clutter.  Think about your most visited website, most likely to be Facebook, YouTube, Amazon etc etc.  If you look at these sites, look at how much ‘white space’ there is.  In simple terms the success of a website is as much about what you don’t see aswell as what you do see.   It doesn’t matter how often these websites change there design, and there will always be those opposed to change (the ummers and ahhhers) who dislike it to begin with, but largely the theme will stay the same.

Wordpress Homepage

If you look at the WordPress homepage above it is simple and easy to read.  The light grey/bluey colour helps break up the white but the spacing between the main articles makes it easy to see where these different sections start and end, and its naturally easy to read.

This is the basics for making a good usable website.  As with the layout if you get this wrong you are in BIG trouble.  Web users are lazy, they are on the web as it is the quickest way to get what they need, they do not have time to decipher a troublesome webpage, they will click the famous ‘back’ button and keep on searching somewhere else.

When It’s All Gone Wrong

Now then, now then, now then…as usual i find it quite entertaining to scour the web looking for further evidence backing up what i am saying.  My search has been successful again on this topic.  Take a  look at this link to an american political news website: Havenworks.  This is a clutter and colour disaster all in one.  There is no chance any new visitor to this website will easily find whatever it may be they were looking for.

I was going to end it there and then unfortunately for my eyes I came across this crazy site about Jesus. I will say if you suffer from any form of epilepsy then probably best not clicking the link, but I will paste a screen shot below so you can get the idea.  This is possibly the worst site I have ever come across ever. Click here if your ready for it!

Here is the screen capture of the site…basically that rainbow background scrolls horizontally constantly at fast speed, which makes any attempt at trying to read the text on the site utterly useless.

So it’s not only having your website layout in all the right places for your users eyes, it’s all about the colours and how easy it is for them to read it.  The average web user will decide whether they have found what they are looking for in approximately 3 seconds, if you cannot catch your visitor’s attention in that time limit then your likely to have a bounce on your hands.

So its simple…keep it simple

GA, GE and GN


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