Replying to eBay Feedback – The Fun Way!

I know that for you online sellers chances are this is the busiest time for you, stress levels may be running high as you strive to keep everything ticking over to the high demand.  Which is why I thought I would share with you something to hopefully make you smile.  We all know what a pain eBay feedback can be sometimes.  Unfortunately eBay feedback is a necessary evil to keep sellers in line with desired service levels.

Selling on eBay comes with its challenges which I and many others have well documented over the years.  Unfortunately there are some “crazies/serial neggers” about which no matter how good your listing is, your item won’t meet their high expectations and as such you will get a neg left.  Now there have been a lot of different things said about whether you should or shouldn’t bother replying to negative feedback.  If you can’t get it revised then I personally think you should reply and be humble and apologise and give a reason as long as it is valid and not just a poor excuse.

Now what I am going to show you is hilarious.  It is a seller who has taken to using sharp wit and sarcasm in his feedback replies.  Although not advised, they are absolutely hilarious and I’m sure it will result in many sellers reading this giving a virtual high-five to this seller for having the balls to reply with what every other seller can only dream of.

A special thanks to Carl Troy for bringing this seller to my attention.  Carl is a good friend and used to be a colleague for a long time.  You can follow him on Twitter here: @CarlTroy  So please see the screen shots taken below, I have blanked out the seller details but check out his fantastic responses below.  Just click the images below and they will appear full screen so you can read the fantastic comments.  *Note: I don’t recommend doing this yourself….but i’m so glad that this guy has*

funny ebay feedback 1

funny eBay feedback 2

funny eBay feedback 3

funny eBay feedback 4


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