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Motivation and Inspiration are both something that im sure everyone has felt or experienced at some point in their lives.  It is how we react to these thoughts and feelings which can greatly affect what we do and what happens in our lives.  It is for this reason I have decided to create a blog and felt it appropriate I tell you my motivation for doing this.

Not easy to come across but good things happen when your open to Motivation

The first part of my motivation to do this came from an American guy who has become immensely popular through the use of social media, especially YouTube.  Thanks to his interesting, funny and charismatic style he has amassed a large following.  He has done this through no secret formula or special trick, he has simply took the leap of faith to record his life and put it online for others to watch.  One of my favourite quotes comes from this man:

“If your sick and tired of feeling sick and tired…then do something about it, change what it is, in your life you’re not happy with” – Shay Carl – Youtuber

For anyone who wants to watch some light-hearted entertainment and see what life is like for an average american family then here is a link to the ShayTards Channel

The other key inspiration for this blog is someone who I have met not that long ago, a true expert in the field of e-commerce and someone who has recently guided me and the company I work for in our online strategy.  This man is Matthew Ogborne and his extensive knowledge within E-commerce is invaluable to anyone in the industry.  His blog can be found here at Take a look and im sure you will learn plenty about e-commerce which you did not know before hand.  To put it simply it was his blog on ‘Be a Player not a Bystander. Get in. Get Mucky’ – (Click Here to read) which was the major inspiration in me doing something outside of what I knew best

So there you are…those are my reasons for taking a step into the unknown and blogging about what I do and deal with every day, in the hope that they will be helpful, interesting or at least a little entertaining.  I would like anyone who reads this to leave a comment below about this blog about anything at all, but what i am really interested to hear is your own stories of motivation…what has motivated you, what did you do and what was the result.  Hopefully by doing this we too can motivate others to make changes for the better

GA, GE and GD (Good Afternoon, Good Evening and Good Night)


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  1. Laura
    Laura says:

    Really inspiring, and well written blog! This one is my fav, looking forward to more in the future! I recommend others to read it .


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