Mobile Commerce The Future But Killing Customer Loyalty

There used to be a time when a certain percentage of your sales could be attributed to repeat business, a trustworthy bunch of customers who knew you, knew your service, knew your product and would repay your service with their loyalty. It seems however that this…for a lot of smaller/medium businesses is a dying trend. The reason behind this can surely be attributed to M-commerce. Lets look at this a little closer.

The death of customer loyalty
The Problem

The smart phone has led to a new convention in how people shop when they are looking for products. Google searches, price comparisons and product reviews can all be found in the palm of your hand with a Smart Phone. With customer services ever-increasing to what the public have grown accustomed too, there is an ever decreasing line between retailers and because of this customers no longer feel the need to go with what they know. They will go for what is cheapest or what they can get their hands on soonest.

There is perhaps the odd exception in the form of Amazon and eBay, these super brands are that big, they demand customer loyalty largely down to them being some of the cheapest markets available, but again due to the consistent customer service then have earnt this loyalty. Just for the record I Love Amazon…I also Love Kindle 😉

For smaller brands this is a problem, they don’t have the draw of the big names and because of this don’t stand out.

Brand Loyalty

The Answer

M-commerce is regarded as many by the future…Google themselves said recently that if you do not have a mobile strategy then you do not have a future strategy. SME’s may not be able to compete with the big brands but if you have a mobile strategy and a mobile marketing strategy then you give your business the best possible chance of getting yourself seen by potential customers.

Whether this is through the use of a mobile optimised website or an app, that is up to you. By far the most impressive app I have come across is the Google App, it is very clever and has a mad box of tricks up its sleeve. (But this is Google, what more would you expect) After looking into it for a few businesses I would recommend the mobile website as your first step rather than an app. It will almost always be the cheaper option and there is no need to find a gimmick for the app ‘to do something’ to rely on it going viral. But in the future there is always a possibility of having both.

If you have a smart phone type into the browser (I wont link that as for the effect it needs to be on mobile) What you see is the following:

waterstones mobile landing pageThis is brilliant, they let you choose how you would rather use your mobile and accommodate both your needs. *doths hat to Waterstones*

So all you small businesses, don’t get caught out or left behind, get a foothold into m-commerce, or at least a strategy. You are going to need it.

As always any comments, observations, thoughts or anything at all please leave in the comments below. It’s good to talk 😉

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