Latest eBay Announcements – Make The Most Of Them

eBay Latest Announcements

This is something I think most people should know about and as such am writing this through my Dinner to get it out there ASAP.  I know lots of people who are guilty of not paying attention to the eBay announcements / news section on eBay, or likewise are guilty of not checking their e-mails, and likewise they miss out on stuff which I think is quite important.  (Not going to mention someone who I know, who found out about the big eBay updates last months… 2 weeks after they had already been implemented. *Face Palm*)

So here I am…advertising to you some interesting things eBay are doing for you the sellers which are for your benefit.

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Private Sellers

Let’s start with the private sellers…for you guys eBay have another one of their FREE auction listing weekends coming up.  That means you can list anything this weekend which is the 4th and 5th of June.  You will pay no insertion fee, so if you have been meaning to sell something on eBay, this weekend is as good a time as any to get your stuff on there and it will be cheaper than normal. (Limited to 100 items over the weekend) For the official announcement from eBay click here!

Top Rated Sellers

Ok TRS sellers its your turn…For the WHOLE month of June you can add an Item Subtitle to your listings either Auction or Buy It Now (BIN) listings FREE OF CHARGE!  This is fantastic news for larger companies with multiple listings.  Item subtitle upgrades usually cost 0.35p for Auction or BIN 3-10 day listings, or £1.05 for BIN 30 day listings.  Should you do it…YES! Make the most of it you are basically getting eBay upgrades for Free throughout June you would be daft not to use them.  Click Here For More Info!

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Doing some quick maths if you have 20 listings on a 30 day BIN by using these subtitles in June you are saving yourself £210.  Or you’re getting £210 worth of upgrades for sweet sweet nothing.  Here’s what you do, spend time NOW adding subtitles to your products drawing attention to your warranty or call to action.  The go to your calendar, Outlook, Google, Diary whichever you use and on the 30th June set a reminder for you delete them from your listing.

From there you can see if the subtitles had an effect on your sales, if so it may be worth paying for a few on key products, or if it works really well and you can afford it, all of your products.  If there is no difference, then you have lost nothing.  But eBay don’t usually charge for upgrades to your listings for no reason.  Expect an increase in traffic at least.

So please do it…if you have any questions stick them in a comment below.

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