Is The Risk Worth The Reward…YES

Is It Worth The Risk?

There are two sets of people in what I am going to talk about now.
At the end, ask which type you are, and then ask, is it the type you want to be.
Many people and you very well may be one of them, who are happy as long as they feel safe.  You have a comfort zone and are happy as long as you are within that.  Your safe in the knowledge that you are coping or getting by.  Now this is fine, however there are another set of people.

Taking RisksBeing That Other Set Of People

What sets these people apart is their willingness to take risks, to step into the unknown
and be better than good, but to be great.  When you have this attitude, seems to be where
the magic happens.

I was first inspired when I came across the following question and answer:

If you look at the biggest successes in the world, whether Apple CEO Steve Jobs, comedian
Chris Rock, or award-winning architect Frank Gehry, what do they have in common?
Answer: the bigger they are, the more small bets they make.

The common theme we see is that to becoming a success in whatever your field may be is having the cojones to try something different or take a risk.  After all…with risk can come reward.  And it is these risks that when they pay off, bring in the big rewards.

Calculated Risk vs Stupidity

Why Arent We All Entrepreneurs?

We’re taught from a young age to avoid errors and failure at all costs, they are embarrassing and nothing to brag about.  Now this is just my view but its my blog so here it goes…that view is WRONG.  I don’t care who you are but at some point you will have failed at something in your life.  Now lets turn this on its head.  Instead of looking at it as a failure
lets look at what you learnt.  What new skill have you acquired and what have you learnt not to do again.  It is this which makes some failures part of your biggest successes.
One of my personal quotes is ‘Dream Big, Dare To Fail’.

True entrepreneurs know which risks to take and which ones to walk away from, and as long as you have more successes than failures then you shouldnt go far wrong.  This calculated risk is they key.  I ride a motorbike and I know that there is a higher risk of me getting hurt on the bike as opposed to in a car, but the enjoyment I get from riding the bike is worth the risk to me.  Justifying the risk is half the battle.

Fine example of an Entreprenuer

Fine example of an entrepreneur

Inspirational Bit Here

Whatever it is you want from life…you can have it, but unfortunately no-one is going to give it to you easily.  You have to go out there and make things happen, meet people, come up with ideas and start making waves.  This is the key to doing what you want.  Speaking from experience it does seem hard and seems unlikely it will work but stick with it, and if you want it, it will work.  I’m currently working on something at the minute which i never thought would be possible but I was motivated to get up and give it a go.  The main book which inspired me to try what I am about to do is ‘The 4 Hour Work Week’ by Timothy Ferriss.  See Below:

the 4 hour work week by Timothy FerrissRead it, keep it in context and see if you can find ways to implement what he talks about and see what happens.  One of the best books I have read in a long time.  Also check out Tim Ferriss’ blog at .  There is some great stuff on there too for you to browse through.

Let me know what you think and if you too are willing to take the risk.

GA, GE and GN


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