I really need your help!

For those of you that sell online especially the marketplaces such as eBay I really hope you have all had record-breaking Christmas sales so far this November/December.

As you will hopefully know by now, for the past 3 months myself and Matt Ogborne have been working on a new project called UnderstandingE.  We believe it will change the face of multi channel eCommerce.


Put simply we are going to show you how you can build your own Multi-Channel software to an enterprise level starting at as little as £16 a month.  The best part is, we are going to show you how to do this for FREE.  So rather than paying £200 – £500 or even £1000+ a month for multi channel software we have created a new way.  A way which is affordable for small businesses and feature rich for large businesses, and importantly which avoids commissions or a ‘Tax on Growth’ as we see it.

As I write this now there are just 22 days and 20 hours left until launch.  We are in a good position to really hit the ground running in January and we will have everything you will need to get started using the Third Generation (UnderstandingE.com) in place and ready for you to start using on the launch date. (1st January 2014)

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I need your help

If at any point over the last few years I have brought you any value at all, either through this Website, Twitter, LinkedIn, Consultancy work, Conferences, Emails anywhere at all, then I would like you to do 1 of 2 things.  If you could do either of these that would be fantastic and you don’t have to worry about my Christmas present 🙂

1.  If you run your own e-commerce business, or want to run your own e-commerce business and haven’t done so already please can you go to this link here and Join UnderstandingE (Only if you want to save thousands of pounds a year on alternative software) http://understandinge.com/join/

2.  If the above doesn’t apply to you then the next best thing would be for you to forward this on to anyone who you know who does run, or work for a business that sells online.  Or alternatively share this post or UnderstandingE itself on the social networks that you think it would be most relevant to your followers, whether that be Twitter, LinkedIn or another.

What we are doing is opening up Multi-channel eCommerce software to the 99% of businesses who currently cannot afford or warrant spending what the other software providers are charging.  To do this we need to get the word out as much as we can.

If you could do one or even both of the points above then that would be amazing.

Have a great Christmas if I don’t speak to you before and a fantastic 2014.  It will certainly be an interesting one.

Many thanks again

Dave Furness

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