Getting Out Of Your Comfort Zone And Trying Something New

Doing something different or ‘risky’ is perhaps one of the most difficult things for someone to do.  It is however what separates many successful people from those who want to take the ‘safe’ route.  I have wrote a post before dedicated to Risktaking which you can read here

Successful people risk taking - Richard Branson

After knowing a few people who had embraced this almost ‘always say yes’ attitude and daring to push the boundaries and try something different, I decided this was the type of attitude I’d like to embrace myself.  The main reason for this mind-set is because of the book that I don’t stop banging on about…’The 4 Hour Work Week’ by Tim Ferriss.  So much so, this book and my other joint favourite book are getting their own post soon.  If you haven’t heard of it then follow the link above.  Trust me it will definitely make you think about life a lot differently.

What I Committed To, And What I’ve Been Doing This Week

Anyway back on topic, the hard part is stepping out of your comfort zone and committing to something 100%.  By taking these risks what you actually are doing is leaving yourself open for bigger rewards.  A small personal example that springs to mind is I have agreed to enter a ‘cooking competition’ with some friends which has been dubbed ‘The Pudding Party’ where everyone makes a ‘dessert’.  Now you could write what I know about cooking on the back of a stamp, and still have room to draw a picture.  Where most people in my position would refuse to take part, or make something ‘easy’, I decided to take this as a challenge and make something much more outside of my comfort zone.  So much so when I tell people what I plan on making, after they stop laughing they wish me all the best but tell me not to get my hopes up.  This event takes place a week tomorrow, I have a few more practices to do but i’ll let you know how it goes, as this is a personal battle for me to try to prove wrong the ‘doubters’

But that is just one example which sprung to mind.  The more I think recently the more I can think of instances where I have made decisions which perhaps previously I wouldn’t have done.  Not only has this opened a lot of opportunities for myself personally, but also professionally, it’s also great fun.  Taking opportunities, saying yes to the unknown and not being scared of failure, but instead welcoming it and learning from it.  Don’t be scared of failure, be scared of giving up and be scared of missing out.

Undertones and hints again at interesting things in the pipeline, these things are growing ever closer and as soon as I can tell you all I will, there will be some noticeable changes to the blog soon and hopefully this will be the start.

E-Commerce News

Quick e-commerce update, ANOTHER FREE LISTING WEEKEND WITH EBAY UK, that’s right more cheap listings on eBay this weekend, click here for more details.

ebay-logo.previewMore e-commerce news, Matt Ogborne hosted his first webinar this week, which was fantastic in both content and presentation.  There will be plenty more where that came from, so head over to his page and subscribe to his updates as they fill up fast.  The link to his latest post is here.

This has been a bit lite on the e-commerce stuff recently, but there is plenty of stuff in the pipeline ready to be published, especially on the run up to Christmas.  There is also a good reason why I have been a little bit shy on the e-commerce stuff…again all will become soon in the not to distant future 😉

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