Get Your First 10 Blog Post Ideas Here!

This is going to be an incredibly short blog post, see it as a bonus one for this Friday only.  I am going to give you not just 1 blog post idea, not even 5.  Below I have compiled a list of 10 Blog Post ideas that you can tailor to suit your individual business and start growing your audience.

top 10 blog post ideas

Yesterday I spent a lot of time writing out the 2,000+ word article for the latest E-commerce in Plain English Podcast.  In the podcast we have a special guest John Hayes talking about how to”Become the Expert” through Thought Leadership Marketing.  It is a great Podcast and you can listen to it here.

One of the main points John makes is for you to set out your stall in becoming a Thought Leader you need a blog.  This will act as the corner-stone for your Thought Leadership Marketing campaign.  Now speaking from experience I know how hard it can be to write a blog post or find inspiration.  Which is why I have compiled a list of 10 blog posts that you can write about either for yourself or for your business.  Setting up a blog takes only a few minutes and with the list below you can start writing fresh, unique content to begin the steps of leveraging yourself as a Thought Leader.

First 10 Blog Posts

  1. Introduction of You/Your Business.
  2. Product/Service Review.
  3. Your favourite book review which relates to your industry.
  4. Latest news within your industry.
  5. Christmas (Everyone has something to say about Christmas)
  6. A problem you had and how you overcame it.
  7. A competition blog post.
  8. A picture gallery post of either your business, processes, staff or key products.
  9. An opinion piece on a certain technology or news piece in your domain.
  10. A post looking to future trends within your industry.

So there you go, You now have 10 potential topics to start building your blog.  I would love to hear your feedback on what you think of this, if you have any comments or questions about blogging then feel free to leave a comment and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Have a great weekend


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