Funny But Disallowed eBay Feedback

This is a really short post, but sometimes the Internet gives you these little gifts and I logged onto an eBay account this morning and got treated to this little beauty in the eBay Feedback.  See below:

funny ebay feedback, SlagNow as you can tell by the predominant positive feedback they are a good seller but every now and again one lunatic slips through the net.  I was speaking to the manager mentioned above today about this, it turns out the buyer was upset because he failed to follow some basic instructions regarding his TV.  Which he signed a form stating he understood, and then decided to do the exact thing we had told him not to do and in the process he broke his new 50″ TV.  Disgruntled at his own stupidity, any psychologist will tell you pride is a powerful thing, and as such this poor gentleman decided that he was not at fault and as such it was the sellers fault he broke his TV.

A quick call to the brilliant eBay Account Manager soon got this removed as it breaches eBay’s feedback policy, which you can see here.  So this would be my top tip.  Keep an eye on your feedback, and know the eBay rules regarding this.  Any feedback which is inaccurate, abusive or has been left in error, let eBay know and get it removed.  You don’t want to risk losing any seller privileges through something that would have been avoidable.


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