Flubit Walkthrough – A new style of Marketplace

You may have or may not have heard of Flubit, but I guarantee that soon you will hear of them.  They have recently just re-launched with an absolutely brilliant concept of a marketplace, which is effectively turning the whole concept on it’s head.  Just in time for Christmas this is definitely a website you will want to try.

Flubit Logo - Before you buy it, flubit

Introduction to Flubit

The concept as a whole is fantastically simple, they are not looking for browsers, comparison, or web window shoppers.  No, instead the Flubit audience is for the shoppers who know exactly what they want to buy, but want to demand a better offer.

The concept is a simple one.  Once you know the product that you want to buy and have a link to this product online with the best price you can find, you make your way over to www.flubit.com.  You paste the link in to their search bar, give them any variation information such as size colour etc (If there are variations on your product) and hit ‘Demand Offer’ button.  Then you carry on about your business and Flubit will e-mail you with the best offer they can.  With hopefully a better offer than you have found anywhere else.

How can they do this?

Again the concept is a simple one and the question most people will ask is “How can they be cheaper than Amazon, when Amazon have their price parity agreement?” This is a good point, Amazon do tend to be the cheapest seller online due to their terms and conditions but the clever thing about Flubit is they do not have any product listings.  Every offer is tailor made to that specific customer at that specific time for that specific product…it is a private not a public offer and that is the secret at play here.  I have been speaking with the Head of Merchant Relations at Flubit Andy Stephens and he confirmed that Flubit will have a type of loyalty bonus scheme where the more you use Flubit the greater savings you will start seeing.  This in itself will encourage a returning audience and generate greater sales for the platform.

How do Sellers offer even lower prices than they do on Amazon?

This is another great point and one that Flubit have thought carefully about and found a clever way round it.  For sellers selling on Amazon and eBay etc, they obviously have fees which they have to pay to list their items.  Listing fees, transaction fees etc etc.  The seller has to take these into account when setting their prices.  What Flubit do is charge no fees at all.  This allows the seller to offer their lowest possible price and then anything that Flubit make over this price they have a rev share system in place with the seller.  Simple when you think about it eh 🙂

The Buying Process

Last week I was one of the privileged few to get access to the Flubit Beta test, and after speaking with Andy over the past few months I was excited to see how it all worked.  So I took my opportunity to demand offers on a couple of items, I started off relatively easily and then thought I would try and be clever and a little bit more abstract in my second offer and see if they could still get a better deal.  This is how I got on.

First Offer

I thought it would be best to start simple and see if they really could find me a better offer.  For nearly all of my DVD needs I rely on Amazon or Play.com and the other half pointed out there was a DVD missing from my collection which had been largely relevant to my University degree in History and Politics.  I found Schindlers List on Amazon and thought, this will be the perfect test.

The Flubit HomepageI made my way to Flubit.com and pasted the amazon link in hit the ‘Demand Offer’ and then turned my laptop off.  It was that simple.  A message flashed up confirming they had received my demand and would email me when they had an offer for me.

Less than 24 hours later I received an email and they had ‘made me an offer I couldn’t refuse’.  To put this in perspective the DVD on Amazon was only £6 so I wasn’t expecting miracles and to be honest wasn’t convinced they would be able to offer me a discount on a price already so low.  I was wrong, they beat the Amazon price.

My DVD Offer from FlubitThey managed to save me £1.19 which on a product only worth £6 is quite a nice saving.  This offer was specially designed for myself and because of this comes with a time limit with which to accept their offer.  I hit the ‘Buy Your Offer’ button, signed into my PayPal account and sent the payment over to them.  I then got taken to the Order Confirmation screen.

Order Complete FlubitFrom here it has all of the information of your order as well as delivery information and what you need to do if you need to return your item.  My item with FREE delivery arrived 3 days after me placing the order.  Exactly the same time frame Amazon would of been able to fulfill it (If I didn’t have a Prime account) So my first experience with Flubit was a great one, they had saved me money and got my item too me quickly and efficiently.  But part of me thought, a DVD that is many years old and widely available, maybe that wasn’t a hard enough demand.  So I tried again and this time went for something a lot more specialist.

Flubit Demand #2

My dad is a keen golfer and it has become a recent tradition that every time there is a Ryder Cup we get him a Ryder Cup polo shirt with that years course name on the badge.  Every year the Ryder Cup has been on we have had to buy these shirts directly from the Ryder Cup websites online store.  After a quick Google search I once again find that this 2012 merchandise was not currently being sold on Amazon or eBay or any other website other than the Ryder Cup web store.  So surely there is no way Flubit would be able to source this product cheaper.  I paste the Ryder Cup link into Flubit, submit my demand, close my laptop and start thinking of how I can wind Andy up about how I found a product that Flubit couldn’t find me a better offer for…

ryder cup flubit demand screenHow surprised I was the next day to see this screen when I logged in.  The funny thing is Flubit is even under-estimating itself.  It hadn’t picked up that the Ryder cup website would charge me £4.50 for standard shipping too as the order was under £50.  So in reality Flubit saved me £10.80 a saving of over 20%.  On a product that I thought there was no conceivable way of them being able to fulfill let alone £10 cheaper than their main online store.

My thoughts

Flubit has me won over.  The examples above speak for themselves.  I tested it in Beta twice.  The first time I was impressed at how it looked and how slick the processes were.  The second time I was amazed at how they had managed to offer me the deal they did.  This Christmas when I have a particular present in mind for someone, you can bet that I am going to Flubit before buying from anywhere else, and I would strongly urge you to do the same.


9 replies
      • Amanda Brooks
        Amanda Brooks says:

        Dear Dave,

        Great to see such outbox of the box ideas in the online shopping sector.
        Does flubit create offers for all kinds of products?


        • DaveF
          DaveF says:

          Hi Amanda

          Thanks for stopping by! And yes I totally agree with you, sometimes thinking outside of the box brings real unique concepts and services. This takes the right kind of people, Bertie the CEO of Flubit is definitely the right type of person.

          Whilst I have been doing work with Flubit you can see some real trends in what products people are buying and certain demographics etc. To answer your question we have had some fantastically random
          Demands ranging from corn flakes to kitchen sinks and garden gnomes to car tires.

          You really can buy anything from Flubit. 😀

          Thanks for commenting


  1. Ellen
    Ellen says:

    For the Flubit Demand 2, since you copied the link from Ryder cup official website and you said this shirt was not available anywhere else(amazon, ebay etc), then from where did flubit get the shirt:P. If they got it from the same website, how are they giving you for less. Maybe they browsed through some other website and got it cheaper. If you had researched well enough, you could have got the shirt yourself then..:P

  2. DaveF
    DaveF says:

    Hi Ellen

    Many thanks for leaving the comment.

    I can understand why you may have come to the conclusion that just by doing a bit more research on the product and spending longer time looking for it they may have found a cheaper price. However at that time the website I had used had exclusivity on that product range and with it being a brand new relevant line it would be highly unlikely to find another seller offering the same genuine merchandise at that level of discount.

    Since writing the post I have since been fortunate enough to do
    some contract work for Flubit and I know how they have managed to do it. I can assure you it is a lot more complicated and an in depth system which really makes Flubit an innovative marketplace. If you haven’t had a Flubit experience yet I recommend you trying it. 😀

    Thanks for getting in touch


  3. Ellen
    Ellen says:

    Tried ordering a book worth 1.99 pounds from Flubit. They offered me the same book for 1.66 pounds from one of their sellers.Maybe they are working on an affiliate model for most cases. But still getting a lower price for an exclusive shirt which was found no where else?? beats me.:)


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