Excuse Me…Where Am I And Where Am I Going?

Treat Your Web Visitors like Supermarket Shoppers

Have you ever wandered in to a shop you have never visited before and tried to find a particular something.  Your success in this search is down to the directions and signage available in the shop.  A visit to a website is exactly the same.

When you walk into sasupermarket signid generic shop the usual action you will take is to look up for any signs that tell you the different sections of the shop, if sticking with the supermarket theme, dairy, bakery, deli etc.  These are the equivalent to your website tabs, or headers, if you make these clear and easy to follow then your on to a winner.



eBay and there easy categories

A physical shop however has a little bit more leeway than your website.  If you’re in a shop and can’t find what you’re looking for, you can either walk around aimlessly and hope to stumble across what you’re looking for, or worse case scenario, ask the happy to help staff.


No Such Luck On The World Wide Web

Unfortunately on your website you do not have these luxuries.  You could run the risk of not making it easy on your website and allowing any visitors and potential customers to fumble around and maybe…if their lucky, find what there after.  In reality, this is not going to happen.

You know this…in the past you have been to a website and if you don’t find what you want, you press the famous back button and look elsewhere.  Unlike in a shop, there are no helpful staff stacking your virtual shelves or standing on your homepage ready to answer questions or point you in the right direction.


web browsers

you can pick your poison these days



3 Click Rule

It is quite a widely conceived concept that to get to what a visitor wants on a website they should be no more than 3 clicks away.  I would argue that it is more about how hard and how long the visitor has to think about what they are doing.  Make them think too much and they will click away.

In Short

Keep it simple, make your categories easy to find and don’t use confusing marketing talk, just say what it is.  Imagine your website is a physical shop from a strangers eyes, how easy is it to use, can you easily navigate to the pages you have on offer.  If not, make them so, or get someone to help you make them so.  Trust me…it will be worth it.

GA, GE and GN


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