eCommerce in Plain English – Podcast 001 – Descriptions That Sell

Podcast 001 – Descriptions that sell

This is all very exciting and something that came about really quickly.  This is of course the eCommerce in Plain English podcast which is the brain child of Matt Ogborne over at .

Matt has asked me to take part in the podcast which was for me a no-brainer.  Together we have come up with a set of goals for the Podcast and a great list of potential guests to talk about many topics regarding e-commerce.

ecommerce in plain englishYou can check out the podcast over on lastdropofink at the link here and by doing it in a browser you can follow along with us and look at the examples we talk about etc.  If you prefer to listen to it on the go we have just had confirmation from iTunes that it is live on there, so you can subscribe to us on itunes at the link here.

Perhaps most importantly if you have any questions for us or want to raise any points regarding what we speak about then you can speak to us in the forums here.  Or if your a twitterer you can post us a tweet using the hashtag #EIPE and contact us through there.

Alternatively leave me a comment here on the blog and i’ll make sure it gets looked at.  We hope you enjoyed the first Podcast and are looking forward to the many coming up.  We would love to hear from you too if you have any suggestions on topics you would like us to cover in future podcasts, again please leave me a comment below with any suggestions.


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