eBay Seller Release 2 and What It Means For You 2011

eBay have released the second update for 2011 and it looks like they have listened to the masses requests and are going to implement some good changes, as well as some not so good.  Lets start with the good.

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The Good Changes


eBay are going to increase your ‘Title’ world limit from 55 characters to 80.  A MASSIVE 25 more characters.  This may not seem like a lot but trust me that extra 25 allowance will make a big difference, the downside is, all of your competitors will also have the extra 25 character allowance.  The key here is the date that the change takes place.  Early September is the only clue so far but if you can get your titles in place as soon as possible.  If you can catch your competitors sleeping you will get the edge.


eBay will modify its open cases policy which will be starting August 31, if the buyer doesn’t contact a seller before opening a Buyer Protection case and the seller acts quickly to resolve it, the case won’t be included in their count of opened cases. Currently eBay penalizes sellers when buyers make a certain number of claims, even in cases where the seller is found not to be at fault.  This has been a major thorn in the side for many eBay sellers for a long time.  Many eBay sellers that I know personally bend over backwards for the buyers and still get penalised with the current DSR and Case system.  These changes will hopefully make it a little bit fairer for the sellers.

This policy only affects sellers who have a Standard, Above Standard, or eBay Top-rated rating.

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The Bad (Or Not So Good)

eBay will require more generous return policies, and warned sellers that new guidelines were coming early next year that include longer time frames and cash-back options.  This shouldn’t be looked at entirely as a bad thing.  There are far too many sellers on eBay that have ILLEGAL returns policies and unreasonable terms and conditions.  If eBay continue to make changes regarding these policies then that cannot be a bad thing really.  (let me know your thoughts on this one)

Also Starting October 1, sellers will not be able to submit listings that contain email addresses or links.  This has been a grey area for a lot of sellers as you see more and more inventive ways of sneaking links into listings and eBay information and it will be interesting to see how far they take this update.  previously it looks like eBay have had a lackadaisical approach to this policy and relied on sellers reporting other sellers.  My advice for this one would be to make sure all of your text follows the eBay policies as you can guarantee they will have a way of checking up on this.  eBay don’t tend to carry out many ’empty threats’

This seller release is early days yet and you can bet more details of the impending changes will be released over time.  When they are I will do my best to get another post out as soon as possible.

Remember there is no point complaining about any changes as it won’t make a difference, you just gotta accept them and prepare for them ASAP.  That is the key to effective selling on eBay.

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  1. Lace
    Lace says:

    Hi Dave,

    That’s a great advice regarding the additional 25 characters. Becoming the early bird might be beneficial to outrun the competitors. eBay’s suggestion on how to use it is for product, manufacturer or part numbers. Sellers who are keen on using more targeted SEO keywords will have a great advantage as well.


    • Dave Furness
      Dave Furness says:

      Hi Lace

      That’s an interesting thought using the space for model numbers or part numbers etc, and in the right category this could be useful. In most of the cases i have dealt with however I feel these extra characters would be better used on more keywords.

      To do this I would recommend a lot of business sellers to over the next few months keep their eye on their Omniture account, or use Terapeak if they have an account with them and do some research into keywords that are being searched which you maybe don’t currently use. eBay give a lot of weight regarding SEO to the title and nailing as many searchable terms as possible (without spamming) should bring in more traffic to your listings.

      Possibly opting for a couple of ‘long-tail’ keywords could also be beneficial, but my main advice is don’t leave it too late, get some new titles planned now and do some research for when they come live.



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