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Last week we all had a laugh at the funny eBay feedback replies that one seller had left for all of the negative feedbacks left on their account.  If you missed it you can see it here.  This week I’m sharing with you some funny eBay listings.

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To carry on this trend on the run up to Christmas and the end of 2012, to avoid any hard reading or over serious topics I am going to keep this post lighthearted too.  As the title suggests I am going to share with you some fantastic eBay listings  that have been listed over the years with some incredible descriptions and pictures.

Please bear in mind that these listings are all individual listings and were created by people not selling professionally so once again I would not recommend taking this approach if selling on eBay is part of your business model.

First up we have a man selling a MINT GREEN Ford Focus (You will get the mint green reference when you see the listing)  What started off as a funny description soon blew up into a whole comedy set up on the eBay listing, with pictures (drawings) being added and some hilarious questions and answers.  Check it out here, (Scroll down to see the whole listing):


On the next one we have a wet suit which was being sold in the UK from a seller down in Truro.  This turned into a viral eBay listing as you will see with how things escalated within the listings updates.  Long story short the listing went up around the same time as the Tsunami that hit Japan, the seller pledged all of the money of the sale to fund the relief effort.  What happened after this was brilliant.  Check it out here:


Finally we have what sounds like an interesting married couple, and a husband who has rather reluctantly put his wife’s old handbag up for sale.  Again this is just a plain simple amusing description, sub-title and a bonus picture, but non the less shows what can come about when you’re not taking the whole selling thing entirely seriously.  Here it is:


These are just a few of my favourites that I have found or stumbled across in my time.  If you have any others that you have found then please share them in the comments below.


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  1. Lace
    Lace says:

    These are extremely funny, we do come across weird listings but these are real winners Dave! Ford Focus drawings made my day and reminded me of our childhood haha 🙂


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