eBay Basics #1 Knowing Your Performance

How is your eBay performing?

One of the first rules in Marketing is “If you cannot track or measure what you are spending money on, then stop doing it”  This can not only be applied to your marketing but to your online sales channels too.  For your e-commerce website analytics is probably the favourite reporting tools of choice, I will hopefully cover more about analytics soon.

don't know where your going What most people don’t know, or rather don’t use to its maximum potential is the eBay equivalent…Omniture.  This tool will let you see your best pages for page views, your traffic over the past week, month and even year if you have been running Omniture long enough.  Now these are limited depending on the business type you have but even the basic eBay shops have some rudimentary access to the reporting features…and some tracking is better than no tracking…remember to know where your going, you have to know where you’ve been.eBay Shop Logo

How To Do It

Once you log into eBay, click on your ‘My eBay’ tab in the top right of the screen and then  hover your mouse over the ‘Account’ Tab just under your shop name and feedback score and select the ‘Manage My Shop’ option.  If you scroll to the bottom of this page you should see the reports box in the left hand column.  Here you can select Traffic Reports, see picture.

eBay Traffic ReportsFrom here you will need to re-enter your log in details and if you have never used omniture before you will need to answer a few security questions to validate it is your account.  This service is called Omniture and that is the programme that collects your eBay traffic data.  From then on Omniture will keep this data for you and log different types of statistics for you to drill down into giving you information about your shoppers browsing habits, most popular pages and other useful bits of information.  The more you pay for your subscription i.e. featured and anchor shops, means the more complex features you get access to within Omniture.

keywords tracking and page visits omniture

Even if you only have a basic shop I urge you to at least sign up for omniture and every now and again pop into the programme just to see what is going on, I guarantee some of the results will surprise you, and this is how the bigger shops determine how to focus their future listings and eBay marketing.

I know this has been quite brief but this is just an introduction to what I believe, should be an essential for eBay shops.  I will do a more in-depth post shortly about specific features that are really useful and then the benefits of more premium tools such as Terapeak…but thats a few blog posts all in itself.  So for starters if you haven’t already, go and set up omniture, have a play with it and see what you find, and keep your eyes peeled for future posts on Omniture and eBay traffic tracking.

If you have any questions at all then please contact me either through e-mail or the comment section below, im always happy to help where I can. 🙂

GA, GE and GN


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