Black Friday, Cyber Monday what they are and why they are important

Well it’s that time of year again.  The time which separates the men from the boys in terms of the online sellers.  The boom period that spans the couple of weeks that include the last week of November and the first week of December.  These two weeks will be busy for the whole of online but there are two key days included here which are Black Friday and Cyber Monday.  You may have heard me talk briefly about this in the E-commerce in Plain English Podcast “Preparing for Christmas” You can listen to that here.  If you have not come across these terms before or have perhaps heard them but are not sure what they are, then pull up a chair, gather round and let me tell you what you need to know and what you can do to maximise your sales.  Read more

Internet Retail Expo 2012 – See You There

This is just a quick post to say that this year I will be able to attend the Internet Retailing Expo 2012 at the Birmingham NEC.  I was gutted to miss out on it last year and even more so when I heard from so many people how good it was and how much they got out of it.  I can only make it down for the first day on Wednesday 21st March.

internet retailing expo 2012So if your going to be there and want to meet up and have a chat then let me know either in the comments below, or on Twitter: @dave_furness Read more

Wikipedia is down so fictional facts run wild

As most of you will of been aware this week Wikipedia and a number of other sites held a ‘blackout’ and stopped access to their sites in protest against some American legislation known as SOPA and PIPA.

Wikipedia BlackoutMe discussing would be both boring and pointless as I’m sure there are many more places on the web covering the importance of this. Instead I’m going to give you a list of ‘facts’ that got posted on Twitter taking advantage of Wikipedia being down. Some of these were fantastically witty so m going to share them here. I am on twitter so if you use it feel free to follow me @dave_furness

Just think….without websites like Wikipedia some poor people may actually believe the ‘facts’ below.  If you came across any good ones, leave them in the comments below.

1. Stonehenge is the scaffolding for a project which lost funding in a Bronze Age recession.
2. The speed of light is slower at night
3. The plate was invented by Plato
4. When a Cat purrs, he is actually pretending to be a helicopter
5. The Volkswagen Beetle was names after The Beatles
6. Before Sir Isaac Newton invented gravity in the 17th century, everything had to be nailed down.
7. International Credit Crunch is an imported breakfast cereal
8. France has lost its AAA rating and can no longer sell small batteries
9. Hot Dogs were names after a British Earl of the same name
10. Star Wars is based on a lesser known Shakespeare work “Thy Force Be Stronge”
11. Michael Jackson taught both Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin how to moonwalk.
12. In 1971 the Labour government came within days of calling in the troops to remove the Wombles from Wimbledon Common
13. Pluto is no longer a planet due to a copyright infringement by Disney

Update on Fraudulent Nano and iPhone Websites

As requested by a few people now here is an update to the fraudulent website and it’s sister sites,, and  If you haven’t heard the story regarding these fraudulent websites already you can read the first post here! with all of the comments from people who had spotted or not spotted the dodgy sites and the stress and time it has caused many in trying to get their money back.

So where are we up to?  Well after having such an incredible response from so many people after posting the article here and on the business blog for electrical-deals (The company the above fraudulent websites were/are pretending to be) I had easily over 100 emails from people who had read the post just in time or had unfortunately read it a little too late.

For those who were quick enough and paid by Credit Card, they were able to issue a charge-back and stop the payment, which allowed them to get refunded quite quickly.  Others were less fortunate and were told to wait for a delivery.  About 2-3 weeks after payment some buyers had started to receive deliveries of their “iPhones” only to discover that they were fake iPhone copies from China.  These people are now trying to get their money back the harder way as they have returns and shipping etc to contend with.

I don’t want to put links up of these sites as I have no intention of driving traffic to them, below is a screen shot of the homepages of the fraudulent websites above.  As you can see they all look incredibly similar and because of this i encourage you to forward this to people you know and avoid these websites or sites with similar names and looks as the ones below.

ipodnanoshopsipodnanonsaleFor a link to a post I wrote last week on the research you can do to avoid getting sucked in by these type of sites then please click here to see it.

Hopefully by doing this we can stop more people getting mis-sold what they think is going to be a genuine Apple iPhone.

As always I welcome comments and will reply to each one, same if your after any advice or have any questions I am always happy to help.

Best Wishes


How to avoid getting scammed – Website Research

This post became a spontaneous one around this time last week. I wrote, a couple of posts ago about the website and was inundated with comments and emails about this website by both people who had fallen for the scam and those that had read the blog just in time (You can see the original post here). It was because of this that I realised if everyone knew how to do a few checks and knew what they were looking out for then hopefully over time these scams would disappear. So this is what this blog is about, website research and things to look for on a website before handing over your card details. Sitting comfortably? Then let’s begin… Read more