WordPress and Godaddy Don’t Mix

From the title you can probably guess where this post is going, however I want to make a few things clear at the beginning.

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The Web User Experience And Making Sure It's Right

The Importance Of Using Someone Elses Eyes

Usability testing for those unfamiliar with the term is basically having a selection of people test how your website works, how easy it is to find certain pages and generally the browsing experience for a new user.  This is perhaps one of the most important things to do before you commission a website to go live.  I say this as I am speaking from experience.  Me and a colleague had spent a long time looking at the new web design and talking through the features it should have and how it should look and act.  We had got to a stage where we thought we were ready to take it to the next stage and I thought we should see what other members of staff thought.  It soon became apparent that quite a few (definitely more than we anticipated anyway) were struggling to find their way to the home page.  Oh O 🙁 . Read more

The E-commerce / eBay Generation

One Man’s Strength Is Another Man’s Weakness

This is an interesting one…and its something that I take for granted nearly everyday.  This is simply how easy it is for people like me in my demographic to understand how the ever-changing world of e-commerce works and what effect the new eBay updates etc will have or even more importantly where to find them. Read more

Whats Should I Do About Taglines? Just Do It

What’s a Facebook or an Amazon do?

For most small web businesses the Holy Grail of web presence is to have a recognisable Brand Name.  You know when you have successfully managed this as it is when people know what you do, how you do it and where to look for you.

taglines make big brands and big brands make success on websites

Think hard about the big brands out there in all fields, Amazon, Facebook, Nike, McDonalds, Ferrari are just a few good examples.  Without looking you instantly know what these companies do etc.  These are Brands.


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Excuse Me…Where Am I And Where Am I Going?

Treat Your Web Visitors like Supermarket Shoppers

Have you ever wandered in to a shop you have never visited before and tried to find a particular something.  Your success in this search is down to the directions and signage available in the shop.  A visit to a website is exactly the same.

When you walk into sasupermarket signid generic shop the usual action you will take is to look up for any signs that tell you the different sections of the shop, if sticking with the supermarket theme, dairy, bakery, deli etc.  These are the equivalent to your website tabs, or headers, if you make these clear and easy to follow then your on to a winner. Read more