eBay Listings – The Fun Way!

Last week we all had a laugh at the funny eBay feedback replies that one seller had left for all of the negative feedbacks left on their account.  If you missed it you can see it here.  This week I’m sharing with you some funny eBay listings.

ebay logo

To carry on this trend on the run up to Christmas and the end of 2012, to avoid any hard reading or over serious topics I am going to keep this post lighthearted too.  As the title suggests I am going to share with you some fantastic eBay listings Read more

Esellerpro Customer Conference 2012

So it is September again and time for the second eSellerPro customer conference, and this year looks like it is not to be missed if you are indeed a user of eSellerPro.  The conference this year is taking place on Thursday the 27th of September down in Oxford at the Williams F1 Conference Centre, check out the location here.  Being a big F1 fan this is a bit of a bonus for me 🙂

Conference Content

On to the conference itself, It is a full day event starting at 09:00 and going on til after 17:00, starting with some introductory speeches by Keith Bird Read more

Random Act of Kindness – Give Blood / Give Platelets

And now for something completely different… I know, I know this is an e-commerce blog and normal service will be resumed soon I promise, however for me this was too important for me to not write about.

Donate Blood

To me the act of giving blood is one of the top ‘Random Acts of Kindness’ anyone can do as all you have to do is give up a bit of your time and you have the potential to be saving lives.  For a long time I was guilty as I sure a lot am of saying, ‘Yea I’ll look into doing that’ and then never Read more

How to avoid getting scammed – Website Research

This post became a spontaneous one around this time last week. I wrote, a couple of posts ago about the website nano5sale.com and was inundated with comments and emails about this website by both people who had fallen for the scam and those that had read the blog just in time (You can see the original post here). It was because of this that I realised if everyone knew how to do a few checks and knew what they were looking out for then hopefully over time these scams would disappear. So this is what this blog is about, website research and things to look for on a website before handing over your card details. Sitting comfortably? Then let’s begin… Read more

Welcome to the New Blog – (Dave’s Days – Continued)

Welcome to the new site!

If you are reading this now then you have either come from the old blog (Dave’s Days) in which case a big thank you to you guys and I hope you like the new look of the site, and all of the content you find on here you will be familiar with theme wise but hopefully in the not too distant future i’l have a few tricks up my sleeve to keep it fresh 🙂

Welcome to Davefurness.co.ukIf you haven’t been here before or have heard of me…I’m Dave by the way.  Then again Welcome, this blog is mainly based around the world of e-commerce and web marketing   as my own personal thoughts, experiences and rants etc.  For more information about me check out the About Dave tab at the top, or click here.


Whether your a regular visitor or a new comer to my blog then i’d love to hear from you, and get some feedback about how the site looks and any advice on the articles or any suggestions for future ones then please either leave a comment below or email me on the form right at the bottom of the page.

There will be constant tweaks being made to the site but striving for perfection id never actually put it live, so enough procrastinating and here it is.

Legacy Articles

I thought it would be worth while keeping all the articles I wrote previously for Dave’s Days here too, so if you want to have a look around, all my older posts can be found on the category tree to the right.  This will hopefully give you a taster for what type of posts you can hope to find on here.

Special Thanks

I’d like to say a special thanks to a friend of mine who mentored me through a lot of this process and taught me so much regarding what you could do with a WordPress.org site.  His name pops up a lot in my posts but it’s always for good reason, so thanks to Matthew Ogborne from Last Drop Of Ink for the hours he spent guiding me through the design process at the back end of this blog.  Please check out his site at Last Drop Of Ink here.

thank youSo that is the welcome, introductions, and thank you’s out of the way.  I have a huge pile of draft articles to finish off and they will be posted on here soon.

I look forward to hearing from and speaking to you soon.