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Vodafone Kickstart Mobile Marketing in 2013

Back in 2012 I made my predictions for what would be big in 2013.  You can see that post here.  Perhaps one of the most surprising predictions for a lot of people was my guess that we would see a steady increase in Mobile Marketing in 2013.  At the time I didn’t have any inside information on this.  I applied an instinct that text and multimedia messaging would follow the same pattern that e-mails have done.  For years people were so against e-mail marketing regarding everything sent from businesses as ‘SPAM’.  People were very protective over there virtual mail boxes and didn’t want them being stuffed with promotional leaflets.  These days however, people give out their e-mail addresses openly and welcome email promotions and offers.  If it saves them money on a product they like, then most people these days are open to receiving emails.

Better Quality Data Collection

In the early days businesses didn’t have the technology or the know how to specifically target customers with relevant deals that were personal to them.  Which meant customers were getting inundated with emails offering products that meant absolutely nothing to them.  Men would be sent emails on ladies handbags and dresses etc.  Nowadays targeted emails are the norm.  You can guarantee if you are signed in and browsing on Amazon then you will get an email in about 3 days time with similar products to what you were looking at on the site.  Therefore it stands to reason that Mobile will now follow suit.  The technology is there and with smart phones more and more people are checking their emails on their phones, so why not text and multimedia messages?

Vodafone Select

I am a Vodafone customer here in the UK and yesterday I received this message below:

Vodafone select message

That’s right, Vodafone are asking my permission to send me offers and info from the brands that I like, in categories that I am interested in (You can find out more about Vodafone Select here)  I cannot speak for customers of the other networks but I know for a fact that O2 and EE will have very similar offerings in place.  This to me seems to insinuate that between all of them they can pretty much dictate what becomes the norm.  Vodafone has been publicly seen as risk-averse in its time when it comes to targeting its users with ads from third parties, Vodafone Select is a strict “opt-in” programme thus to avoid the ‘Spamming’ tag often tagged to numerous insurance and PPI companies who bombard people with text messages.

What Does This Mean

This could still go two ways.  There is the belief by some that the UK isn’t ready to accept mobile messages as a form of marketing yet and part of me thinks it will be a slow uptake at first.  Hopefully the network providers will be able to put the foundations in place.  With programmes like Vodafone Select in place if they can target their customers in a manner that will benefit them, with offers and benefits tailored to the individual then this could be the next step forward in marketing campaigns for big businesses.  Mobile phones are the perfect device for marketing.  They allow you access to the customer previously never before been experienced.  It is still early days for mobile marketing but down the line Geo Targeting to me is one of the most exciting prospects for the medium.  The full benefits of this will be limited to smart phones but in the early days text messages will still be the key to gauge customer acceptance of this concept.


For obvious reasons I have opted in to Vodafone Select to see what they come back with.  As soon as I have anything from them, I will update with another post.  So my question is open, have YOU ever had any experiences of targeted mobile marketing?  Have you signed up to any of the major networks marketing programmes and if so have you had anything of value from them?  What are your thoughts on Mobile Marketing?  Is it something you would be open to, if the content was relevant to you.  Please let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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