How to avoid getting scammed – Website Research

This post became a spontaneous one around this time last week. I wrote, a couple of posts ago about the website and was inundated with comments and emails about this website by both people who had fallen for the scam and those that had read the blog just in time (You can see the original post here). It was because of this that I realised if everyone knew how to do a few checks and knew what they were looking out for then hopefully over time these scams would disappear. So this is what this blog is about, website research and things to look for on a website before handing over your card details. Sitting comfortably? Then let’s begin… Read more

Unthink Now LIVE – The Latest Update


Some may have seen my earlier post regarding the Social Revolution that is Unthink but for those who haven’t you can find it here.  This will give you a bit more insight in to Unthink if you haven’t heard about it yet and what it is they are doing in the world of social networking.

Unthink LogoThe Latest
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Wikipedia FAIL!

Wikipedia or Google Fail?

This blog post was unplanned but when I saw this I just had to share it, stuff like this really makes me laugh…see picture below:

wikipedia lunar eclipse fail

Lunar Eclipse fail on Google and Wikipedia

Just incase the page isn’t clear enough for you to read, the link highlighted is from Wikipedia Read more

Mobile Commerce The Future But Killing Customer Loyalty

There used to be a time when a certain percentage of your sales could be attributed to repeat business, a trustworthy bunch of customers who knew you, knew your service, knew your product and would repay your service with their loyalty. It seems however that this…for a lot of smaller/medium businesses is a dying trend. The reason behind this can surely be attributed to M-commerce. Lets look at this a little closer. Read more

Google Search Auto 'Guess' ?

Google Auto Suggest Has A Sense Of Humour

I’m sure everyone has had some experience with Google’s Auto-suggest  feature and although the algorithm must be very clever and is highly accurate most of the time, I sometimes can’t help but laugh out loud at some of the suggestions it throws up.

So I thought id do some tests this afternoon and publish any funny results here Read more