Get Your First 10 Blog Post Ideas Here!

This is going to be an incredibly short blog post, see it as a bonus one for this Friday only.  I am going to give you not just 1 blog post idea, not even 5.  Below I have compiled a list of 10 Blog Post ideas that you can tailor to suit your individual business and start growing your audience.

top 10 blog post ideas

Yesterday I spent a lot of time writing out the 2,000+ word article Read more

eCommerce in Plain English – Podcast 001 – Descriptions That Sell

Podcast 001 – Descriptions that sell

This is all very exciting and something that came about really quickly.  This is of course the eCommerce in Plain English podcast which is the brain child of Matt Ogborne over at .

Matt has asked me to take part in the podcast which was for me a no-brainer.  Together we have come up with a set of goals for the Podcast and a great list of potential guests to talk about many topics regarding e-commerce.

ecommerce in plain englishYou can check out the podcast over on lastdropofink at the link here and by doing it in a browser you can follow along with us and look at the examples we talk about etc.  Read more