Bad Customer Service…Or Just Bad Customers?

Customer Service (Lack of?)

Everyone these days seems to put a lot of emphasis on customer service (or lack of) and to an extent this is true.  However, I believe that this has been brought on by both staff and customers alike and it is not all as one-sided as many would have you believe.

Bad Customer Service

A good example of getting your point across

The World Famous Mary Portas and Why She Isnt Seeing The Full Picture

Now this isn’t a personal dig at Mary Portas but…who is she? where has she come from? and who does she think she is?  Very briefly to answer these questions she worked for John Lewis and then a shop window display person for Harrods and Harvey Nichols.  So her job has never been to specialise in dealing with unhappy customers, yet she feels that she is somewhat more experienced to talk about it than anyone else…sounds like she’s been a bit lucky to me, with all of this secret shopper malarkey.

Mary Portas

Mary Portas

Ruining Christmas and Unfair demands

My experiences with customers is limited, I’m lucky that I don’t usually get involved with customers, but over the Christmas period when we were very busy at work I did have to take that unfortunate step behind the counter.  Now the conclusion I have drawn is that regardless of terms and conditions, returns procedures, your recommendations or the Law, some customers will still make totally unreasonable demands.

I’m not sure how many kids Christmases retailers must ruin each year but there is no shortage of customers lining up to tell us how awful we are and questioning how we sleep at night (Night Nurse works a treat), all because they havent either read the invoice, acted on our suggestions or used just a little bit of common sense.  But as the customers know best what can we do besides apologise (even if they are in a predicament brought on through their own stupidity?)

Retailers at Christmas

How some customers see retailers at christmas when things don't go their way

The point im trying to make is Customers, thanks to online multi-nationals like eBay and Amazon are now used to getting their own way.  They know they have all of the power in the form of feedback and DSR’s (Detailed Seller Ratings) and as such they have this ‘untouchable arrogance’ when dealing with retailers.

The Reality

Unfortunately there is nothing retailers are going to be able to do about the rising demands from customers.  The hoops that sellers have to jump through on eBay these days are getting more and more and all of these concessions are based around the customer having more and more rights (which is not a bad thing).  It is when they expect more than is what would be deemed normal, appropriate or physically possible that they cause a problem, and as they do not like No as an answer it gets tagged as bad customer service.

Well im afraid Sir and Madam, have you stopped to think for one second that it could be you being bad customers…No thought not.

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