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A New Look For 2013

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2013 Update

As you can probably tell if you are a regular visitor davefurness.co.uk got a face lift for Christmas.  I had chopped and changed the old theme from time to time but had to realise that I am no web designer so bit the bullet and upgraded the site to what you see now, a new look for 2013.  There is still some more tweaking to come but these will be little changes which won’t impact the site too much.

This post is also a bit of a test for me as there are lots of features with the new site regarding pictures, slider and loads of other things.  Such as the random pic of me above from a recent trip to Finland.


Back to business then, 2013 is looking to be a great year for e-commerce.  It has been a couple of busy news weeks already this year with Jessops, HMV and Blockbuster all having to call in the administrators.  All of these businesses have been around much longer than I have, but I still think a large reason for their sad demise is their inability to move with the times.  They were slow to react to the changing times in retail and it’s relationship with e-commerce.  Plenty of businesses are thriving in the current e-commerce climate, however currently the market is changing very quickly and adapting to these changes in both customers behaviour and market trends.

In other news Play.com is shutting down its retail division and focusing solely on its marketplace offering, and looking to expand this.  After being bought by Rakutan last year they definitely have he backing to give it a good go, but whether they will ever be in a position to challenge the mighty eBay will remain to be seen.  Lets not forget eBay is also having a major facelift to the UK site at the early part of this year so it will be interesting to see how the public take to that.  I know a lot of my fellow e-commerce peers are looking forward to it and think it is just the dynamic injection that eBay needs.

Coming Up

I have an interesting post coming up soon aswell looking at mobile marketing.  If you remember this is something that I flagged in my post on 2013 predictions (which you can find here!) as being something to look out for this year…I think I may have been right, but more about that soon.

I hope you all have a great successful 2013, as always feel free to contact me by pressing this swish button here (Sorry more gadgets)  [button text=”Contact Me!” type=”link” size=”medium” rounded=”true” link=”http://www.davefurness.co.uk/contact-dave-furness” target=”_blank” color=”orange” ] (+1 for nice shiny button)

Bye for now



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