Flubit Walkthrough – A new style of Marketplace

You may have or may not have heard of Flubit, but I guarantee that soon you will hear of them.  They have recently just re-launched with an absolutely brilliant concept of a marketplace, which is effectively turning the whole concept on it’s head.  Just in time for Christmas this is definitely a website you will want to try.

Flubit Logo - Before you buy it, flubit Read more

Esellerpro Customer Conference 2012

So it is September again and time for the second eSellerPro customer conference, and this year looks like it is not to be missed if you are indeed a user of eSellerPro.  The conference this year is taking place on Thursday the 27th of September down in Oxford at the Williams F1 Conference Centre, check out the location here.  Being a big F1 fan this is a bit of a bonus for me 🙂

Conference Content

On to the conference itself, It is a full day event starting at 09:00 and going on til after 17:00, starting with some introductory speeches by Keith Bird Read more

eCommerce in Plain English – Podcast 002 – Christmas Preparation

Podcast 002 – Christmas Preparation

This week recorded eCommerce in Plain English Podcast number 2 which focuses on Christmas Preparation as an online seller.  This week Myself, Matt and Andy were joined by special guest Pete Moran from www.modetro.com .  He contacted Matt through the last drop of ink forums which can be found here asking about what should he do in order to be prepared for Christmas as this was his first Christmas selling online.

eCommerce in Plain English Podcast 002 - Christmas Preparation

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eCommerce in Plain English – Podcast 001 – Descriptions That Sell

Podcast 001 – Descriptions that sell

This is all very exciting and something that came about really quickly.  This is of course the eCommerce in Plain English podcast which is the brain child of Matt Ogborne over at lastdropofink.co.uk .

Matt has asked me to take part in the podcast which was for me a no-brainer.  Together we have come up with a set of goals for the Podcast and a great list of potential guests to talk about many topics regarding e-commerce.

ecommerce in plain englishYou can check out the podcast over on lastdropofink at the link here and by doing it in a browser you can follow along with us and look at the examples we talk about etc.  Read more