Book Review – “Becoming THE Expert” – John W. Hayes

This is a pleasant change for me as I don’t get to do book reviews very often.  But when John Hayes emailed me to let me know about his book and if I would give my opinion on it then a blog post seemed like the obvious answer.

It’s a little bit late as his book was released mid July, and I only got around to finishing it this last week. Anyway here is the review. Read more

Amazon Red Carpet Scheme – It Does Exist, But What Is It?

This is something I have been meaning to write about for a while now, as to me it is something which totally shocked me coming from Amazon and from speaking to people in the industry in shocked them too at first.  There are probably three types of people right now reading this.  Those who have never heard of the Amazon Red Carpet Scheme (RCS), those who have and know what it is, and finally those who have heard of it but are convinced it doesnt exist and think the concept is some sort of scam.  Well for the first and last group let me tell you what the RCS is. Read more

Update – Summer 2012 – Dave Furness is back

Apologies for not posting on here in a while, I have my reasons which I will let you know about now and then hopefully with some renewed vitality I can get back to my old ways of blogging a little more regularly.

I have recently moved ‘day’ jobs from working for a leading consumer electronics e-commerce company to a new fashion start up e-commerce company.  This was a huge jump for myself personally as there is always a certain safety net when you know your working for a successful company, however Read more