Brightpearl – The new kids on the SaaS block


For any small businesses looking at growing their online sales then sooner or later the question of which SaaS company to go with will rear it’s head.  There are the big guys like your eSellerPro and Channel Advisor  which for many are considered the heavyweights in the software as a service arena.  However bigger isn’t always better and it is much more important to partner witch a company that fits you best rather than compensating for it later on.  This bring me on to a company which I had heard about for a while…Brightpearl and for the first time on Wednesday I got to see what their system could do and how it all looked.


Now whilst they may not have some of the features that their competitors do (yet) the general feel and look of the system was incredibly clean and fluid.  Read more

Could eBay become a retailer?

This is an interesting question which I found myself discussing with a couple of guys who currently work for eBay today.  I hasten to add they totally denied any knowledge of this ever occurring and it was discussed in more of a “Differences between eBay and Amazon” way.

As we already know eBay and Amazon are totally different monsters with striking similarities and also incredible large differences.  Perhaps the main one being that eBay is not a retailer and does not compete with you on this level.  My question however is, if they wanted to, could they?

eBay LogoYou see eBay has come a long way over the years Read more