So long 2012 – It has been fun

This post is going to be a step away from the normal in that it is more for me than you.  I am writing this as for me 2012 is the year when a lot of changes happened for me professionally and I want to be able to look back at this year and say…”this is where it all started” 

For me 2012 has been the year where I reluctantly left the job where I learnt the foundations of my e-commerce knowledge and it was with a heavy heart that I left in order to progress my career, put more strings on my bow, and prove to myself that the success that I had been a part of was not a fluke and it could be done again.

This led me to take up the role of e-commerce manager for an up and coming fashion company in Manchester.  In 6 months I had taken a very basic eBay seller from turning over less than 5k a week to setting up a true multi channel set up and reaching a peak of 25k a week.

After 6 months however and with everything going well my feet were itchy and my heart wanted something else.  I knew what the answer was as I had thought about it many times before.  I wanted to be self-employed and run my own business.  I took the leap into self employment and so far it has been the best move I have ever made.  The days are longer but for me they are SO much more enjoyable.  I now have the ability to create something the way I want to create it.

worlds best boss

It is still early days but managing to secure some fantastic clients in the first few months has been a better start than I envisaged and 2013 is looking promising.  On that note I have a few thank you’s to dish out.  Firstly to all of the people who believed in what I wanted to do and gave me the push and confidence needed to step away from the secure job and income and leap into self employment.  You all know who you are and I appreciate everything you said to me, and still take it with me to this day.

I’d like to say a few special thank you’s to individuals, firstly to the person who has taught me more about business and how to deal with people and situations more than any book could ever do and that’s my Dad.  When I first laid out my idea to him he asked all the questions that I hadn’t thought of and told me all of the things I didn’t know about, and still does to this day.  Without his guidance there is no way I would have been able to do what I do.  For this I will always be grateful.

A special mention also goes here to my closest friend.  Joe has always been the type of person to do what he wants, act first and worry about consequences later.  When I told him I was going to give self employment a try, the banter and piss taking stopped albeit briefly and he gave me his honest balls out opinion, which was everything I needed to hear to push uncertainty away and just go for it.  In comparison to what he has been through it must have seemed trivial, but he put himself in my shoes and told me exactly what I needed to hear.  The man is a legend.

Secondly I would like to say thanks to some of the fantastic people who have shared their knowledge and experiences with me that I have met in the online / e-commerce arena.  These people I first heard of and contacted online but I am now fortunate enough to consider them friends, and without their guidance, advice and knowledge there is no way I would be where I am right now.  In no particular order these people are; Matthew Ogborne, John Hayes and Rob Cubbon.

Rob Cubbon is a very successful designer and runs his own design business down in London.  I spoke to Rob online many times about what it was like to run his own business and his advice was a welcome insight into the self-employed world.  He is also an expert with WordPress and I have bent his ear a few times about how to’s etc.  So thanks Rob for everything in 2012.

John Hayes to me sums up the word expert.  His book “Becoming The Expert – Enhancing Your Business Reputation through Thought Leadership Marketing” Was one of my favourite books that I have read this year and I will be taking a lot of the points John makes in this book and using them in 2013.  John has also been the special guest on a couple of the E-commerce in Plain English Podcasts and I have been privileged enough to be invited to sit in on some of Johns E-mail marketing webinars.  I have learnt a lot from John and hope to keep learning in 2013.

Matthew Ogborne needs little introduction.  He is the brains behind the fantastic e-commerce resource and I feel privileged to call him a friend.  It was Matt who first convinced me to start this blogging stuff and since then I have learnt a lot from him.  Not just in e-commerce but in many aspects of online, he even taught me some advanced coding stuff 😉 Together with the help of others we have run the E-commerce in Plain English Podcasts which started off as a bit of an experiment but very quickly turned into a whole channel of its own with an amazing audience.  A lot of opportunities that have come my way have been down to Matt and for this I am incredibly grateful.  He has some incredibly exciting things lined up for next year too so keep an eye out for that.

Thirdly, I want to say a thank you to all of the people who have doubted me, still doubt me, or will doubt me.  The people who said I was mad for leaving a decent paid job with good security, and that I was too young and deluded to think I could make it work.  You are the fuel which drives me to prove you all wrong.  You are the reason that I cannot fail, so thank you.


Finally, Thank you to YOU.  Yes you reading this right now.  2012 has been the best year for so far and the views are growing month on month.  This helps me keep creating more content that I hope you will like and find useful.  If it wasn’t for you then I wouldn’t be here now doing what I really enjoy doing.

On that note there is nothing left for me to say but Thank You ALL once again, I wish you all the best for 2013, let’s make it the best one yet.


Best Wishes


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    • DaveF
      DaveF says:

      Happy New Year Mark

      Thanks so much for leaving a comment, the determination and will is bigger than ever. Wishing you too all the best for 2013.


  1. John Hayes
    John Hayes says:

    Thanks for the amazing shout out Dave. I never fail to be inspired by entrepreneurs and small business leaders like yourself.

    You might also be interested in my free webinar on January 9th, entitled An Introduction to Thought Leadership Marketing which will discuss many of the topics covered in the book. Be great to see you or any of your clients on the session:

    Best of luck in 2013.

    • DaveF
      DaveF says:

      Hi John

      Thanks for the comment, that webinar sounds interesting I think I’m free that day so will happily attend if I can, and will point others in the direction too

      Cheers Dave


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