The Brilliance of The iPhone Autocorrect (Top 10)

It’s Friday afternoon as I am writing this, the weather is ridiculously good for the last day of September and everyone has that Friday feeling.  Especially my best mate who we warmly welcome back to civvy street today after he has spent the last 8+ years defending queen and country, Welcome back matey.  Because of all these things, I felt a lighthearted amusing article was in order today,  Read more

What To Do When You Have A Feedback Disaster (eBay Special)

A company that I have started dealing with last week, want to increase there profile on eBay.  They have had a shop for a while but have primarily focused on their website and retail shops until now.  Noticing that they had to get involved in e-commerce they decided that eBay was the way to go, and have sought some guidance from some eBay experts to point them in the right direction.  This just happened to be me and a colleague of mine.

eBay LogoThe Problem

The day before we were to take control of the shop, disaster struck.  They had listed an item they only had 1 of, 7 times and as such sold 6 items they didn’t have and therefore couldn’t fulfill the orders.  The next morning the came into 3 negative feedbacks and some severely trashed DSR’s (Detailed Seller Ratings). This was bad news…they had now fallen below the Top Rated Seller (eTRS) criteria and if they hadn’t got the numbers back under control they were going to lose eTRS. (Side note: eTRS is very valuable to an eBay seller, there will be an article soon covering this as well as eBay’s Best Match Algorithm)  So they turned to us for help in trying to resolve these problems, below I will share with you some of the advice and actions we recommended to take when this happens.  For reasons obvious to many I cannot go giving away all of the tips and tricks for free, not only is it bad from a business point of view but many of my peers would become annoyed at me fairly quickly for giving away material they usually charge for, and rightly so.  However if upon reading this you realise that you have a situation similar to this then please get in touch in the message section at the bottom of the page.

The Solution

The first thing that we recommended is to contact the customers that have left the negative feedback.  Your first port of call should be to try and get them to revise their feedback.  eBay customers are famous for wanting a bargain, so try and offer them something for their trouble and hopefully you can persuade them to revise their feedback.  Yes this can be done and if you can persuade the eBay buyer that you are not the devil or a Nigerian scammer then hopefully you can get those negs removed.

Sometimes though the cardinal sin of you listing error is unforgivable and as such thou shalt not have your negs removed by the almighty eBay buyer.  If you are unfortunate enough for this to be the case then we have to go back to the drawing board and it all boils down to your numbers.  In layman’s terms you need to get your DSR’s up and your feedback percentage up.  Put simply you need to SELL MORE.  But…it’s not as simple as that 😉

You need to get more transactions with more positive feedbacks and high DSR’s by doing this the individual DSR’s carry less weight and mean that you can there fore try and increase your percentages this way.

Dave's Top Tip**Dave’s Top Tip**

The best practice I have found for getting your transactions up is selling low priced items, accessories and peripherals are ideal, they are low priced, impulse buy items.  More people are likely to buy a £3 iPod Cover rather than a £150 iPod.  Regardless of price a DSR for a £3 item and a £300 item carry exactly the same weight.  Transactions are KEY.

It Can Be Fixed

The message I am trying to get across here is, don’t be put off by one of these ‘eBay disasters’.  They happen to the best sellers on eBay and if I was to mention the seller involved above i’m sure many of you would be surprised.  Obviously the main aim is to keep incidents where Negs and low DSR’s are liable to a minimum but they happen to every seller at one point.  What sets a average eBay seller apart from an Excellent seller though is there ability to adapt to the situation and deal with it efficiently and quickly.

By doing this you can limit the damage on almost any eBay feedback disaster.


P.s The seller above is now currently back meeting the eTRS criteria (Fingers Crossed) they will keep it.

Unthink Now LIVE – The Latest Update


Some may have seen my earlier post regarding the Social Revolution that is Unthink but for those who haven’t you can find it here.  This will give you a bit more insight in to Unthink if you haven’t heard about it yet and what it is they are doing in the world of social networking.

Unthink LogoThe Latest
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Welcome to the New Blog – (Dave’s Days – Continued)

Welcome to the new site!

If you are reading this now then you have either come from the old blog (Dave’s Days) in which case a big thank you to you guys and I hope you like the new look of the site, and all of the content you find on here you will be familiar with theme wise but hopefully in the not too distant future i’l have a few tricks up my sleeve to keep it fresh 🙂

Welcome to you haven’t been here before or have heard of me…I’m Dave by the way.  Then again Welcome, this blog is mainly based around the world of e-commerce and web marketing   as my own personal thoughts, experiences and rants etc.  For more information about me check out the About Dave tab at the top, or click here.


Whether your a regular visitor or a new comer to my blog then i’d love to hear from you, and get some feedback about how the site looks and any advice on the articles or any suggestions for future ones then please either leave a comment below or email me on the form right at the bottom of the page.

There will be constant tweaks being made to the site but striving for perfection id never actually put it live, so enough procrastinating and here it is.

Legacy Articles

I thought it would be worth while keeping all the articles I wrote previously for Dave’s Days here too, so if you want to have a look around, all my older posts can be found on the category tree to the right.  This will hopefully give you a taster for what type of posts you can hope to find on here.

Special Thanks

I’d like to say a special thanks to a friend of mine who mentored me through a lot of this process and taught me so much regarding what you could do with a site.  His name pops up a lot in my posts but it’s always for good reason, so thanks to Matthew Ogborne from Last Drop Of Ink for the hours he spent guiding me through the design process at the back end of this blog.  Please check out his site at Last Drop Of Ink here.

thank youSo that is the welcome, introductions, and thank you’s out of the way.  I have a huge pile of draft articles to finish off and they will be posted on here soon.

I look forward to hearing from and speaking to you soon.


eBay or Amazon, Can You Use Both…YES YOU CAN

Most frequently asked questions

If not then definitely one of the most frequent questions I get asked is

“Which should I use, eBay or Amazon?”

My answer is very often the same,

“Why Dont You Use both?”

As far as I see it, the two largest online sales channels are Amazon and eBay, the last time I checked Amazon had the edge in market share but never the less why would you choose to ignore such a large chunk of the online audience? Read more