What Motivates You?

As I write this it is 08:25 in Florida, I am sat on a balcony overlooking a marina.  When I look to my right over the river I see ‘Millionaires Row’ where an empty plot of land will sell for between $7-10 Million.  The water is strewn with boats and Yachts most of which will of cost more than triple that amount.

To the left is Fort Lauderdale beach which has a car park in the distance which is full of nice cars and countless Harley Davidson Motorcycles.

Fort Lauderdale Marina

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eBay Seller Release 2 and What It Means For You 2011

eBay have released the second update for 2011 and it looks like they have listened to the masses requests and are going to implement some good changes, as well as some not so good.  Lets start with the good.

ebay logo San Francisco
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Good E-book's and Why You Should Write One

What Are E-books

E-books in my opinion are fantastic little things and I have used plenty over the past few years to get up to speed on topics of which I previously had little or no knowledge.  For those of you who have not heard the term e-book before il give you a brief explanation.  They are not like the electronic books you would put on your ‘Kindle’ or ‘iPad’ etc but instead they are (usually) pages of PDF files compiled together to form an e-book.

You can design your own front cover

A Couple Of My Favourites

These e-books are usually focused on one specific topic in which they can go into great detail.  The purpose of this post came about recently when I read an eBook by Rob Cubbon.  He has a really good blog for any aspiring web designers or for anyone who needs a web designer he’s your man.  His website blog is here http://robcubbon.com/blog/, and for the amazing price of £0.00 you can download his FREE E-book “How to market Yourself Online”  I recommend you download this E-book, link to the page here.  All it will cost you is your email address to get sent the download link, and Rob will even send you tips and tricks for free…don’t worry, not spammy at all.

Another favourite of mine is by Pat Flynn and one of his sites The Smart Passive Income Blog.  Pat is another one of those guys who inspire me, his blog is fantastic and it is addictive, i still havent managed to read everything I have wanted too on his site.  Back to the e-books, the one on his home page is very clever, it is an E-book on how to write, publish and market your own E-book, which made me want to write an E-book even more.  Check out his site it is brilliant.

Pat Flynn ebook

Why Write an E-book?

Writing an e-book is something I have wanted to do for a while, and it is on my ever-growing list of things to do.  The beauty of an e-book is that they are relatively cheap to make (not counting time) and when written on a subject of your choice they are a fantastic way of showing others that you are an expert in your chosen field.  This can be a crucial part of marketing yourself, once you are seen as an expert the opportunities open up almost straight away.  I can testify to this just by writing this blog I have experienced this and the next progressive step is an e-book.  Hopefully there will be a Dave Furness e-book on here in the future, somehow revolving around the world of e-commerce but I’m still throwing round a few ideas at the minute to try narrow it down. 🙂

Find An E-book

There are E-Books out for nearly everything these days, and I’m sure a Google search will throw up multiple results.  If however you find a niche for what your area of interest, why not get writing and become the ‘expert’ in your field.

Go on get writing…it’s fun 😉

GA, GE and GN