eBay Basics #1 Knowing Your Performance

How is your eBay performing?

One of the first rules in Marketing is “If you cannot track or measure what you are spending money on, then stop doing it”  This can not only be applied to your marketing but to your online sales channels too.  For your e-commerce website analytics is probably the favourite reporting tools of choice, I will hopefully cover more about analytics soon.

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It's been too quiet here recently…Sorry

This is a quick update post really, letting you know yes I am still here and No I haven’t stopped writing the posts.  It’s been another hectic past few weeks which has meant I havent been able to write much but I do hope to try to rectify this along the course of this week.


It's gone quiet around these parts...I will be fixing that 😉

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Wikipedia FAIL!

Wikipedia or Google Fail?

This blog post was unplanned but when I saw this I just had to share it, stuff like this really makes me laugh…see picture below:

wikipedia lunar eclipse fail

Lunar Eclipse fail on Google and Wikipedia

Just incase the page isn’t clear enough for you to read, the link highlighted is from Wikipedia Read more

Mobile Commerce The Future But Killing Customer Loyalty

There used to be a time when a certain percentage of your sales could be attributed to repeat business, a trustworthy bunch of customers who knew you, knew your service, knew your product and would repay your service with their loyalty. It seems however that this…for a lot of smaller/medium businesses is a dying trend. The reason behind this can surely be attributed to M-commerce. Lets look at this a little closer. Read more

Latest eBay Announcements – Make The Most Of Them

eBay Latest Announcements

This is something I think most people should know about and as such am writing this through my Dinner to get it out there ASAP.  I know lots of people who are guilty of not paying attention to the eBay announcements / news section on eBay, or likewise are guilty of not checking their e-mails, and likewise they miss out on stuff which I think is quite important.  (Not going to mention someone who I know, who found out about the big eBay updates last months… 2 weeks after they had already been implemented. *Face Palm*) Read more