Taking the Initiative

I’m going to keep this one short.  Initiative is in theory quite a simple concept.  You see people around you who are unhappy and are doing the same thing over and over again but won’t do anything about it to change it. Read more

Google Search Auto 'Guess' ?

Google Auto Suggest Has A Sense Of Humour

I’m sure everyone has had some experience with Google’s Auto-suggest  feature and although the algorithm must be very clever and is highly accurate most of the time, I sometimes can’t help but laugh out loud at some of the suggestions it throws up.

So I thought id do some tests this afternoon and publish any funny results here Read more

An Update from Dave's Days (Thank You)

Welcome Back Me

Long time no speak…Sorry for the lack of blog action in the past week/s I have been a tad busy with work things etc etc.  But something quite amazing happened over the past two weeks and that is how my blog passed quite an unexpected milestone in page visits.

When I started the blog it was purely out of me being motivated by a couple of people I knew about and felt the urge to do something like this rather than sit about and wasting my time.  This seemed more productive for me to share my thoughts and experiences on things. Read more

Is The Risk Worth The Reward…YES

Is It Worth The Risk?

There are two sets of people in what I am going to talk about now.
At the end, ask which type you are, and then ask, is it the type you want to be.
Many people and you very well may be one of them, who are happy as long as they feel safe.  You have a comfort zone and are happy as long as you are within that.  Your safe in the knowledge that you are coping or getting by.  Now this is fine, Read more