Live Life To The Fullest

This isn’t going to be a proper blog post, more just a thought that has been on my mind these past few days.  A couple of days ago I lost someone close to me in a motorcycle accident which tragically killed him.  For the past two days I have spent a lot of time with the family that he has left behind and the gap that is left could never be filled.

When something like this happens,  nothing in the world can prepare you for what you feel, and you feel yourself asking a lot of questions which will have no answers.

I have personally been able to take some comfort in that the way this person was taken from us, was fitting to them.  They went instantly feeling no pain, doing what he loved with one of the people he loved more than anything.  He was living life to the fullest and enjoying his time here.  Sadly this does nothing to ease the pain for the loved ones he left behind.  But when you put yourself in that situation.  Not many people can say they have done the same, many fade away over a period of time, spending months in hospital and agonising treatments.  Like I said, I take some comfort knowing there was no pain and that his last moments were spent doing what he loved.

For purely selfish reasons I hope that when my time is up, I go the same way.

We’ll all miss you mate


I M O – GL

The Invention Of Lying And How To Deal With It – Part 2

Okkiiiee Dookkiiieeee here we go …. as has been requested by a couple of people to expand on, and as it is still one of the posts which gets the most views.  Here is Part 2 of the post about lying.

The Background

For anyone who hasn’t read the first post you can find it here.  In the first post however Paul EkmanI didn’t give a proper introduction as to the relatively recent discoveries regarding how people lie.  The father of this research is Paul Ekman.  He first coined the phrase microexpressions Read more

The Web User Experience And Making Sure It's Right

The Importance Of Using Someone Elses Eyes

Usability testing for those unfamiliar with the term is basically having a selection of people test how your website works, how easy it is to find certain pages and generally the browsing experience for a new user.  This is perhaps one of the most important things to do before you commission a website to go live.  I say this as I am speaking from experience.  Me and a colleague had spent a long time looking at the new web design and talking through the features it should have and how it should look and act.  We had got to a stage where we thought we were ready to take it to the next stage and I thought we should see what other members of staff thought.  It soon became apparent that quite a few (definitely more than we anticipated anyway) were struggling to find their way to the home page.  Oh O 🙁 . Read more

The E-commerce / eBay Generation

One Man’s Strength Is Another Man’s Weakness

This is an interesting one…and its something that I take for granted nearly everyday.  This is simply how easy it is for people like me in my demographic to understand how the ever-changing world of e-commerce works and what effect the new eBay updates etc will have or even more importantly where to find them. Read more