The Invention of Lying And How To Deal With It

Liar Liar Pants On Fire

It’s something that happens to every person every day, whether it be a little white lie to a child or a full on ‘no where near the truth lie’. These are things that are inevitable in life, some people are natural-born liars, but if you know these people well enough then there are a few tips and tricks you can use to spot some ‘untruths’ Read more

Excuse Me…Where Am I And Where Am I Going?

Treat Your Web Visitors like Supermarket Shoppers

Have you ever wandered in to a shop you have never visited before and tried to find a particular something.  Your success in this search is down to the directions and signage available in the shop.  A visit to a website is exactly the same.

When you walk into sasupermarket signid generic shop the usual action you will take is to look up for any signs that tell you the different sections of the shop, if sticking with the supermarket theme, dairy, bakery, deli etc.  These are the equivalent to your website tabs, or headers, if you make these clear and easy to follow then your on to a winner. Read more

Bad Customer Service…Or Just Bad Customers?

Customer Service (Lack of?)

Everyone these days seems to put a lot of emphasis on customer service (or lack of) and to an extent this is true.  However, I believe that this has been brought on by both staff and customers alike and it is not all as one-sided as many would have you believe.

Bad Customer Service

A good example of getting your point across

The World Famous Mary Portas and Why She Isnt Seeing The Full Picture Read more

Seeing is Believing…or Bloody Repulsive

Keep It Simple

So once you have your layout sorted and you have people coming to your wonderful easy to read website.  The next thing you have to worry about mainly is colours and clutter.  Think about your most visited website, most likely to be Facebook, YouTube, Amazon etc etc.  If you look at these sites, look at how much ‘white space’ there is.  In simple terms the success of a website is as much about what you don’t see aswell as what you do see.   It doesn’t matter how often these websites change there design, and there will always be those opposed to change (the ummers and ahhhers) who dislike it to begin with, but largely the theme will stay the same.

Wordpress Homepage Read more

And F is for … Website, wait? what?

You know this already…but you may not know that you know it.  There is a strict path that 90% of people’s eyes follow when viewing a website.  If a website knows what this path is then it can appeal to the users and has a much higher chance of keeping its visitors.

The Good

This path is known as the F.  Next time you have a look at a website you like or a well established one, have a look and see if you can spot the common theme.  Now you know what you’re looking for it will become clear. Read more